Rumour Has It, Uniglo (GLO) Headhunted Team Members From Cardano (ADA) and Fantom (FTM)


It’s a traditional practice in crypto for developers and team members of DeFi platforms to remain anonymous. While this might seem like a counterintuitive practice, it protects these people from being the target of crypto hackers, thieves, blackmailers, and wackos. However, all respectable DeFi projects undergo a professional KYC audit (know your customer). The idea is that the auditor states that the team has been vetted and their identities verified. 

There are rumors circulating that the dev team for Uniglo includes former team members of Cardano (ADA) and Fantom (FTM). Due to what we mentioned above, we don’t know who they might be. However, both of these platforms are top contenders in the layer-1 blockchain battles, and landing original team members is a coup for any new project. 

If you haven’t heard of Uniglo yet, it’s a startup Investment DAO that launches in October. The idea is to build a community of long-term investors who are interested in building a strongly diversified portfolio of digital assets. All holders of the GLO token are able to vote on all investment activities of the DAO including how to invest the treasury, when to take profits on a particular investment, and whether to use some of those profits to burn GLO tokens.

Uniglo is currently in ICO mode (initial coin offering). As we all know, if you want to see life-changing wealth, the very best time to get into a new token is prior to the launch of the platform, during the presale. This is especially true with Uniglo as the smart contracts are designed to heavily favor presale investors. 

For starters, all aftermarket sales of GLO are taxed by the DAO. These funds are used to build up the treasury. Buyers make a 5% donation to the treasury when they join the community and sellers must leave a 5% donation behind. This assures that the treasury is constantly growing. It doesn’t matter if we’re in a bear market or a bull market. The more volatile the market the faster the treasury grows. ICO investors can just sit back and watch the treasure trove grow over the years.

Another reason to get in on the ICO is that post-launch, 2% of all aftermarket sales of GLO are automatically burned. In conjunction with manual burns as voted on by the community, this means that the circulating supply of the token is eternally deflationary. Again, presale investors can just sit back and watch their percentage share of the treasury increase. Forever.

Some of the investment ideas being tossed around by the team include cryptocurrencies, of course, but also high-value NFTs and tokenized real-world assets like gold, fine art, and high-value collectibles — things that might be out of reach of the average individual investor.

The eternally growing treasury and the eternally shrinking token supply make getting into this ICO a no-brainer. And the simplicity of the Uniglo DAO gives it a real shot at mass adoption. 

The presale runs until October but is highly likely to sell out long before that. If you want in on the private presale, best get yourself over to asap. While you’re there, check out the project’s innovative whitepaper. 

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