Royal Smart Future (RSFT): The platform brings a combination of Robotics, AI & Blockchain


What are Royal Smart Future and RSFT?

Royal Smart Future (RSF) is an innovative new blockchain Trading and Mining platform that offers safe & speedy transactions, a decentralized wallet & vault, forex trading services, blockchain technology, and peer-to-peer platforms to support Trading and Mining in various assets. And is developing interoperability standards for AIs, which could radically improve the process of discovering and coordinating AI services while allowing developers to easily monetize AI technology. RSF’s vision is to create a Blockchain-Based Network of Interoperable Artificial Intelligences.

RSFT is a native token of Royal Smart Future. The executive community consists of team members having knowledge and experience in the field of sales and Marketing. All buyer payments are made in cryptocurrency in the RSF platform, principally in bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH). Customers will be required to use the RSF coin in order and used Robotic services or other directly from RSF corporation.

RSFT Overview

Coin Name: RSFT

Chain Type: ERC-20

Total Supply: 20,000,000

Total Circulation: 20,000,000 Listing

Trade Pair: RSFT/USDT

Trade Time: 7th October 14:30, 2022 UTC+8

Withdrawal Time: 8th October 19:30, 2022 UTC+8

What utilities does RSFT have?

Early Sale: RSF is launching an early sale for early investors as the first purchase will receive 100% additional tokens.

Trading: RSFT will be available for trade after the pre-sale and Token Distribution.

Investments: It is possible to invest in NFTs, agricultural innovation projects, fish, dog, and goat farming, and the first supermarket chain based on encrypted transactions.

Monthly Rewards: Each quarter-specific dividend is based on the wallet age via RSFT.

Bonuses & Affiliates: Bonuses shall be distributed on continuous transactions, Investors will be awarded the extra RSFTs on the festival and offer sale.

Community: A core team of 8 members maintains and develops relationships with fund managers. They will be rewarded with RSFTs.

Agricultural innovation: RSF focuses on agricultural innovation projects as 70% of the Indian population still relies on agriculture for their livelihoods. So you can invest in this kind of project with RSFT.

NFTs: RSF is in the development stage of NFT exchange and can use RSFT Mint, Buy and Sell NFTs.

RSFT’s Roadmap

RSFT Official Media

Website | Twitter (@ROYALSMARTFUTU1) | Whitepaper

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