Roughly 13% of Investors in The Netherlands Have Crypto Assets in Their Portfolio

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Gauging the global interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is often a daunting task. A recent survey by Motivaction and LiteBit shows that residents of The Netherlands are very eager to acquire crypto assets. So much even that 13% of investors already own cryptocurrency today.

Dutch Investors Like Bitcoin

Europe is often an overlooked region when it comes to activities related to cryptocurrencies. Despite the European Union being a thing, there is no unified approach to regulating Bitcoin and altcoins. Countries are left to fend for themselves in this regard, resulting in fractured measures all over the place. 

In The Netherlands, the current regulatory system seems to allow for broader adoption of crypto assets. Investors and speculators have already begun adding Bitcoin and altcoins to their portfolio in recent years. The survey conducted by Motivaction confirms that 13% of investors in The Netherlands own crypto assets today. That is a very impressive figure, all things considered, but there is still ample work to be done. 

Convincing the remaining 87% of the potential of crypto assets will be challenging. A lot of people remain hesitant to invest money in this industry at this time. The main reason for this hesitation, according to LiteBit, is a lack of knowledge. Educating people about crypto assets has been an ongoing struggle for many years now. Despite some efforts, little to no improvements have been made in this regard. 

The Appeal of Alternative Investments

Contributing to the demand for crypto assets in The Netherlands are a few crucial factors. 

First of all, there is the historically low interest on savings accounts. Bank account owners around the globe aren’t happy about the negative interest rates most banks tend to maintain today. 

Secondly, the stock markets have proven to be rather unreliable. Even established stocks have gone through significant price volatility in recent months. Improving upon this situation is very difficult, as the global monetary system remains under a lot of pressure. The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t helped in the slightest, although it was a matter of time until things began to fall apart. 

Finding alternative investments will push speculators and investors to certain options. Precious metals remain popular, primarily because of their safe-haven label. Bitcoin and crypto assets are perceived very differently.

With one in eight investors taking the plunge, an important step has been taken. An additional 3% of speculators have indicated they want to acquire crypto assets in the near future. 

Making a dent in the popularity of stocks and bonds will be difficult. In The Netherlands, 80% of traders focus their attention on stocks. Over 30% of them venture into bonds, despite their smaller yields as of late. Cryptocurrencies are of value to “just” 13% of Dutch investors.

Overcoming Hurdles to Adoption

While achieving a 13% market penetration among investors is not bad, it will not impress too many people either. There are still multiple hurdles to adoption that need to be overcome sooner rather than later. 

First of all, there is the lack of confidence in cryptocurrencies. Whether that pertains to not possessing the necessary knowledge to make an educated decision, is somewhat unclear. 

Secondly, there is the public perception of how “difficult and complex” crypto assets are. This is clearly related to the knowledge-  or lack thereof – people have regarding Bitcoin and altcoins. The current COVID-19 situation offers a great solution for those looking to expand their knowledge about these assets, either now or in the future. 

What About Non-Investors?

In The Netherlands, there are a lot of people who never touch investing at all. Of the people questioned, 5% admitted they would put some money in crypto assets if they were to begin investing now. Stocks and real estate rank much higher, which is to be expected. An interesting figure is how 76% of the respondents showed no interest in investing under the current circumstances whatsoever. 

Convincing those who do not own Bitcoin to explore crypto assets will not be an easy task. It is evident that more focus needs to be put on educating people about these currencies and how they can effect one’s financial situation. 

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