Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC) whitelist is now open!


Soccer is adored by more than 3.5 billion people across the globe. The World Soccer Coin (WSC) Company is here to take this passion a step further. It has recently announced that Ronaldinho Soccer Coin whitelist is open to the public from 1 August. Namely, a massive collaboration is taking place between one of the world’s most adored soccer players and the blockchain technology. The main backer of the project is Ronaldinho, and his passion toward the project speaks volumes of his desire to connect with soccer fans around the world while bringing about change at the same time.

Ensure your participation now!

The project’s whitelist is everybody’s chance to be a part of a dynamic process that combines both fun and development, using deep and holistic understanding of the soccer world. The whitelist starts on 1 August.

The team is comprised of professionals from different fields across the globe. The global platform will allow soccer players in leagues and those who have retired to provide all soccer-related services as and when needed. Some of the services include over-the-top videos that will be fueled by the latest AI technologies. RSC also hopes to raise the bar on how data collection and analysis is done.

Moreover, there will be an RSC-based payment system, based on smart contracts. At the same time, the payment system will have virtual currency, credit, and legal currency functionalities. All the information processed within the RSC platform will be used to back businesses across the world.

The company has intentionally chosen to use the blockchain based on NEO since it wants to make sure that all services offered are provided in record time. A block in the NEO ecosystem is about ten times faster than if it were based on Ethereum.

By subscribing to RSC’s whitelist, the fans will be enabled to complete the KYC process so that they become eligible for discounts and bonuses when the crowdsale of the RSC tokens starts on 16 August. It is also important because it helps the fans to set up their wallets before the sale starts – all that is needed is a transfer of funds once the sale is launched.

The future ahead

WSC has put together different projects. They include digital stadiums, purchase of digital content using AR and VR, betting on eSports and the Super League, the Smile Project that empowers children, and training programs. With the blockchain technology the investor is assured of security, ease of use, reduced costs, and constant innovation.

To sign up for the whitelist follow the link:

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Recent News:

30 June 2018: The Ronaldinho Soccer Coin Project was announced at Blockchain and Social Impact Conference in Seoul

6 July 2018: An article about RSC by the Morningstar

6 July 2018: Yahoo Finance did a feature on the RSC

6 July 2018: The Business Wire published an article about the RSC project

7 July 2018: AFP published an article featuring RSC

10 July 2018: RSC partnered with BaaSid for the installation of an authentication system that has outstanding security owing to the 100% decentralized authentication.

The project is very dear to Ronaldinho and RSC, as a team, is extremely confident in giving shape to this amazing former player’s vision for the world of soccer. RSC hopes that fans will recognize once again the famous Ronaldinho’s passion and charm because it’s enjoyable and motivating, almost addictive! RSC is eagerly waiting for everybody who wants to experience the universe of soccer on an entirely different, enhanced level. Welcome!  

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