Rocketize: A Platform That Exciting Gaming Opportunities Reminiscent of Axie Infinity with extraordinary Features Similar To Polkadot


Generally, meme tokens are known to proffer daily doses of fun and laughter to adopters. But Rocketize strives to expand users’ experiences beyond comic relief. The platforms grant its users the privilege to explore endless opportunities in the galaxy.

Additionally, the platform intends to boost the finance of its users. Rocketize provides the resources to explore intergalactic memes and earn massive rewards seamlessly.

Rocketize Community

Rocketize is a project that prioritizes its community members. The platform intends to leverage the collective effort of the team and members to develop its ecosystem. This collectivity will lead to a prosperous community and bear innovative ideas.

Members will have the chance to deliberate on ideas that develop Rocketize visionary innovation, technology, and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Among other deliberations within the Rocketize community are its charity endeavors that support science and exploration. A non-profit organization based in Europe supervises the Rocketize nation. This nation acts on behalf of the community in carrying out the agreement and terms of the partnership.

Rocketize special NFT minting events

Rocketize will create memorable events saturated with unlimited fun where users can produce different varieties of Non-Fungible tokens NFT. The platform will also provide a web3.0 dApp wallet to users for minting and storing NFT collectibles.

Rocketize Native Token

The digital currency adopted to power the Rocketize economy is $JATO, a BEP-20 token running on the Binance Smart Chain BSC network. The Rocketize team will mint an initial supply of a trillion coins.

50% of the total supply will be burned immediately. Burning half of the initial supply ensures fair redistribution among wallet holders.

Users can utilize $JATO for producing memes, animation, podcasts, graphics, and other educational content within the Rocketize platform. All transactions involving $JATO coin attract a 2% tax.

Comparing Rocketize with Polkadot and Axie Infinity


Gavin Wood launched Polkadot in May 2020 as a heterogeneous multi-chain system that allows programmers to build their customized blockchains. Polkadot is now being run by Web3 Foundation (W3F) and Parity Technologies, other companies that Wood co-founded.

All blockchains on Polkadot are called parachain; transferring data across these chains requires optimum security. To ensure this security, Polkadot adopted the relay chain, a single underlying chain that is the network’s main chain.

The Polkadot network token is DOT which facilitates the proof-of-stake mechanisms adopted within the network.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a popular play-to-earn GameFi platform adopting the hybrid features between Heartstone and Pokemon Go. Axie Infinity is running on Ronin and Ethereum blockchains with two game modes: adventure and PVP.

Players will get 20 energy points to spend on both modes and earn rewards for participating in the Axie Infinity platform. The primary focus of Axie Infinity is for users to collect and breed their axies to explore the world of Lunacia.

To bypass the previous excessive gas fee of the Ethereum network before its merge, Axie Infinity partnered with Samsung and Ubisoft to develop a sidechain called Ronin.

Procedural steps to buy the Rocketize token during the presale

Users willing to buy the $JATO coin during the token presale must download the most recent version of the Metamask wallet for PC users or Trustwallet for mobile access. Obtain a new account on either of the wallets you choose and protect your seed phrase from third parties.

Fund the wallet with BNB or ETH using Binance, Kucoin, or any reputable crypto exchange to begin the purchase process. Then connect your obtained wallet with the Rocketize presale portal through on any browsing software like chrome.

After clicking the connect button for wallet synchronization, you will be taken to a prompt menu with 4 options. The options will require you to choose between buying $JATO with BNB, ETH, and USDT or disconnecting your wallet.

Select the option according to the payment token you’ve bought. Then you will see a pop-up menu to enter the amount you need to exchange.

To complete your purchase, click on the buy button. You can check the token balance on the Rocketize portal, which you can claim after the presale.

Rocketize proposes a template to explore the galaxy and boast users’ personal finance. Join the platform now to enjoy its benefits:




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