Ripple(XRP) Analysis: Uwerx(WERX) Has A Better Outlook For The Future


Ripple has witnessed numerous back-and-forths on legal issues, which has affected the crypto’s market positions. The CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, recently announced that Ripple Labs would spend nearly $200 million on legal issues with the SEC.

While the project struggles to win SEC’s lawsuit, Uwerx continues its upward trajectory on presale. Uwerx is the most recent project looking to contribute to the global gig economy through its unique offerings. And its WERX token presale is the current talk of the market.

Ripple(XRP) Keeps Up Its Battle With The SEC.

Ripple is an open-source, peer-to-peer decentralized platform for easy money transfer in any currency. The network allows easy and seamless transactions at low cost and ultra speed in any currency, including dollars, yen, and euros, as well as digital assets and crypto.

Ripple is a global payments network that serves big banks and financial institutions. It has maintained its position as a cross-border transaction platform for years now. It is a leading alternative to platforms like SWIFT, and it aims t transcend traditional alternatives using blockchain technology,

The SEC has cracked down on Ripple for several months, and the crypto has faced charges stating that the network illegally sold XRP tokens without registering them as a security. The battle seems tough, but Ripple’s attorney, John Deaton, recently mentioned that the network might be nearing victory. He further argued that digital assets themselves are not securities.

While the lawsuit progresses, XRP sells at $0.0424 and has a 24-hour trading volume of $1 billion. The token has witnessed a 0.27% price decline in the past 24 hours. A price pump might be imminent if Ripple wins the case. But pending time, the WERX token is an opportunity to look into for quick gains.

Uwerx(WERX) Is A Game Changer In The Freelance Community.

Uwerx is a new blockchain project launching on the Ethereum blockchain. The project offers many unique propositions, and experts predict it could be the best blockchain solution in 2023. 2023 is a growth year for the freelance economy, and Uwerx is a crypto project looking to contribute to that growth. Fiverr recently found that over 78% of companies would rely on freelance services rather than full-time employees.

This shows that freelancers are beginning to account for a larger percentage of the future of work. Uwerx is looking to tap into this career innovation’s potential and make it an even bigger part of the global economy. With the increasing demand for freelance services, Uwerx intends to solve existing problems by making the freelancing platform accessible, open to all, and optimized for the best services.

In addition, the network aims to offer lower transaction fees compared to other platforms. Uwerx is bringing in-built collaboration tools that can help freelancers grow personally while getting connected to the right client. Tools like conference calls, file sharing, project management, seminars, and more will be available for freelancers on the platform. Another unique feature of Uwerx is the rewards and recognition system that offers freelancers incentives for their performances.

The project is certified and had its audit completed by InterFi Network before launch. Therefore, investors are guaranteed zero foul play. Uwerx crypto is prepped for success and ready to lead the gig economy. You can be a part of this success story by joining the network on presale.

WERX Presale: What’s In It For You?

The WERX token is currently in its Stage 4 presale and is being sold at $0.0225. Purchasing the token during presale is almost a guaranteed win since analysts predict the token to rise tremendously with the next presale stage. WERX token could increase to $0.9 by Q3 of 2023 and as high as $2 by Q1 of 2024. Now is your best time to buy in early!

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