Ripple’s Community Shows Interest in Forking XRP Into “RippleOne”

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What better way to kick off a new week in the crypto industry than by having some potential drama. While Ripple and XRP are prominent entities in the industry, a lot of people have a genuine dislike for both. Things have gotten out of hand recently, as Crypto Bitlord claims he will effectively fork XRP. There is even a Discord channel created for this specific purpose, albeit it seems unlikely much will come of it.

The XRP Fork Plan

While it is not uncommon in the cryptocurrency industry to fork existing projects, most of these ventures are never overly successful. In the case of Bitcoin, there have been so many spin-offs that most people have stopped bothering to keep track of it all. Ethereum also has its own fork, as do numerous other cryptocurrencies on the market today. Surprisingly, it now seems XRP may be added to this list in the near future, assuming the speculation and rumors on Twitter will effectively lead to some plan of action. 

If Crypto Bitlord is to be believed, there will be a fork of XRP in the very near future. The new fork will be known as RippleOne and aims to disrupt the existing ecosystem as a whole. Why anyone would try to fork a project which isn’t even a traditional cryptocurrency in the first place, remains rather unclear. It appears this particular user is not too pleased by the way XRP has performed in recent months, although the same can be said about all cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets on the market right now. 

The Discord Channel Goes Live

As is often the case in the cryptocurrency industry, an idea like this tends to get some attention sooner or later. There appear to be many XRP holders who are displeased with how Ripple is handling the sale of XRP through its escrow contracts. Even though that move was designed to bring more legitimacy to the project as a whole, it seems a lot of people don’t understand the purpose of taking this approach. There are also concerns as to how Ripple is effectively pushing the XRP price down by continually selling these locked assets every single month. 

As the RippleOne concept gains more traction, it now appears there is a dedicated Discord channel for like-minded users to come together.  Although this is a big step in the right direction toward creating RippleOne, it doesn’t necessarily mean an XRP fork will ever occur. More often than not, this is merely smoke and mirrors to try and cause a ruckus. Effectively forking a project and making it successful is a lot more difficult than people might expect.  If it wasn’t, everyone would so at their leisure, which is the last thing the cryptocurrency industry needs.

Would it Even Pose a Threat?

To this date, no one can deny Ripple has seen its fair share of success over the past few years. While it is true XRP has lost tremendous value compared to its multi-dollar all-time high, the same goes for most of the markets today, with the exception of Bitcoin. Even that currency is down by nearly 50% compared to its all-time high of late 2017. There is no reason to believe these markets will not recover in due time. That being said, not everyone has the patience of a true holder, which is only to be expected under the current circumstances.

Even if this XRP fork were to be created, one has to wonder if it can pose a legitimate threat. Since everyone knows RIpple and XRP by now, it seems unlikely RippleOne will make much of an impact. Moreover, Ripple has the partnerships necessary to become a successful company, whereas RippleOne would have to start from scratch. There are far easier projects to fork if developers want to make a quick buck, as going after XRP will involve a lot of patience and hard work. 

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