Ripple’s Ambitious Expansion: Exploring New Horizons Beyond XRP

September,29,,2021,,Brazil.,In,This,Photo,Illustration,The,Ripple Ripple's Expansion

Ripple, the groundbreaking tech company responsible for XRP, is setting its sights higher. In a recent move, it announced an opening for a pivotal role in its U.S. operations. Here’s a deep dive into Ripple’s growing ambitions and strategic decisions.

Ripple’s New Talent Search

Ripple is actively scouting talent for a Senior Specialist in Global Know Your Customer Due Diligence role. This full-time position in the U.S. is more than just a job listing—it’s a statement.

Joining the Global Anti-Money Laundering & Sanctions Compliance team, the new addition will focus on in-depth due diligence. The aim? To curb any reputational, regulatory, and sanction risks linked with Ripple’s institutional clientele, business associates, and counterparties.

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Ripple’s dedication to stringent Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter-Terrorist Financing, and Economic Sanctions regulatory compliance isn’t new. This latest move echoes Ripple’s unwavering commitment to these standards.

U.S. Expansion—A Renewed Vision

Contrary to prior speculations of Ripple’s exit from the U.S. market, a renewed vision emerges. Ripple now seems poised for further expansion in U.S. territories. This revelation springs from fresh insights and reports.

Monica Long, a leading voice from Ripple in the U.S., recently shed light on the company’s renewed direction. Reflecting on a partial court victory, she expressed her satisfaction: “We’re elated. It brings clarity to Ripple’s operational trajectory. Re-engaging with the U.S. market is now our priority.”

Broadening Horizons—Singapore, U.K., and Ireland

Ripple isn’t just stopping at the U.S. Following a successful license acquisition in Singapore, the company revealed plans to extend its reach to the U.K. and Ireland. Aiming for a payment institution license, they’re seeking approvals from the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority and the regulatory watchdog in Ireland. Additionally, Ripple’s U.K. and Europe subsidiary CEO, Sendi Young, highlighted a significant 75% staff increase in the region over the past two years.

Ripple’s expansion isn’t confined to financial territories alone. The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) realm is also on their radar. Recently, sports motorcycle giant Ducati announced their entrance into the NFT space—using the XRP ledger.

The company’s journey, from being the powerhouse behind XRP to exploring new verticals and geographies, is commendable. As it continues to shape its global strategy, Ripple’s decisions reflect a proactive approach to compliance, expansion, and innovation.

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