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Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction After SEC Lawsuit – Chronoly (CRNO) Could Upstage It

The Ripple (XRP) price has been facing headwinds since December 2020 when the SEC announced its lawsuit against the project. Some waves of bullishness have helped to underpin the price at times, but XRP now trades near $0.30 after the latest crypto crash. This week may have helped get Ripple closer to a positive settlement, but the project will still have to wait for a court ruling. A new project on the scene has emerged from the rubble of the recent turmoil with strong gains of $0.01 to $0.05 in the token presale. Chronoly (CRNO) is focused on the niche idea of decentralising the luxury watch market. NFTs with fractional investment options are listed on the project’s blockchain marketplace and the native CRNO token can even be staked for a yield. Ripple may see a revival in the value of XRP, but it could eventually be upstaged by Chronoly.

Ripple (XRP) – What Can We Expect from Price in the Future?

Ripple (XRP) currently trades at $0.327 after the recent bear market. The all-time high in XRP is around the $3.35 level but that was set back in 2017 with a Bitcoin-related spike high. When BTC saw a strong rally in 2021 the best that Ripple’s XRP could muster was $1.8. It’s fair to say that a favourable ruling in the SEC vs Ripple case could see the coin 10x back towards the all-time high but there has been little change in the coin’s development and use cases. Worse still, the price of Bitcoin has erased much of the gains from the 2021 bull market and that adds another headwind. In the near-term, a price of $1.50 would be possible by the middle of 2023.

Chronoly (CRNO) Could Surpass the XRP Potential

The Chronoly (CRNO) project has already seen a 500% gain in its presale, but analysts have said that this project can return 5,000% ROI from here. It’s not hard to envisage. The project is still under the radar as it undergoes phase 2 of its token sale. Once that is complete, Chronoly will list on Uniswap at the conclusion of pre-sale. After trading volume is produced, Chronoly will list on centralised exchanges therefore it is a great opportunity to buy in now to hold for that point.  That will bring the project further towards their mainstream goal. Many luxury brands have already entered the metaverse and the world’s top watchmakers could link up with Chronoly.

Chronoly’s offering is a blockchain marketplace for rare, exclusive and luxury timepieces.. By bringing them to the NFT market, the project can then put them in safe storage and allow investors to trade the NFT. In previous years, that watch would have disappeared into the shadows of safes and secure depositories of the super-wealthy. Chronoly will democratise ownership of the rare pieces and also provide much needed liquidity to the market. Removing the need for third-party intermediaries and costs such as shipping and delivery is another benefit of this platform and traditional watch investors should love this concept. You can invest in one of the watches that will be on the Chronoly platform for as little as $10. The fact analysts are predicting a further 1,250% rise during the presale period alone, and most of the other cryptos are falling its no wonder we have chosen Chronoly as our pick of the week for top crypto investment. Just imagine what this would do in a bull run. 





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