BBVA is continually stepping up its digital game, with the bank now looking to incorporate technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its existing blockchain-based financial platforms.

BBVA is taking another leap forward

As per a new company press release, BBVA is merging its Beeva and i4S service units to form a company called BBVA Next Technologies.  In relation to this matter, CEO Ricardo Jurado had the following words:

“BBVA Next Technologies is a company that specialises in emerging and disruptive technologies, that strives to stay ahead of the curve, looks at the future and aims to recruit the best tech talent.”

In addition to this, the banking powerhouse also recently revealed a new ‘selfie’ payment system that has been devised using advanced facial recognition technology. Using this new platform, customers will now be able to procure items by simply “looking into a camera” that can be placed in a booth adjacent to any conventional cash register.

Alos, in the recent past, BBVA has offered its customers with a Ripple based “cross-border” money transfer service which reportedly “costs 81 per cent less than the fees charged by corresponding banking networks to facilitate global money transfers”.

Final Thoughts

Even though Ripple is one of the more controversial crypto projects in the market today, there is no denying the impact that it has had on the digital finance sector. With Ripple continually introducing a high degree of innovation within the burgeoning alt-asset domain, things are looking extremely bright for the crypto juggernaut in the coming future.


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