Rhythms Sans Frontieres’s 2022 summer festival beating the drums with Rowan Energy


Rowan Energy has announced that it will be the official carbon offsetting partner to the Rhythms Sans Frontières festival taking place in Suffolk, 1st-3rd July next year. Rhythms Sans Frontières consider themselves to be at the forefront of festival eventing which can entertain and do good for the planet at the same time, with 50% of the ticket price being donated to selected charities. Rowan Energy is a UK based green energy blockchain company that rewards its customers in for every kWh of energy produced by their rooftop solar panels in Rowan Coin. It’s innovative low-powered (and therefore low-carbon) blockchain is supported by Rowan’s own SmartMiner that is a smart meter and crypto miner in one. This year has seen Rowan complete a successful beta launch, develop and recruit new talent to its management team in order to scale up their business model and bring customers to adopt rooftop solar again.

At a time when climate change is threatening the lives and livelihoods of millions of people, where we are seeing the growing activism of the younger generations to defend the future of the planet, the role of the private sector in contributing to positive change is critical. The commitment to investing in technological solutions for the private sector in addressing climate change came as a clear resolution to the recent COP26 talks held in Glasgow. Financial organisations will support the development and use of clean energy technology and reduce fossil fuel burning industries.

David has been playing west African djembe for around 4 years. This is how he heard about the festival and his interest to get involved.

Gary Newland, RSF CEO and Artistic Director commented;

‘For many of the larger festival operators the environmental impact they create has hit exponential levels. From the very outset we wanted to adopt an inspirational and robust environmental strategy to reduce our carbon footprint. This included introducing strategies such as no single use plastics on site to offering incentives for festival-goers to travel by public transport or car share. 66% of a festival’s carbon footprint is related to how people travel to and from the event.

It was essential that we found a sponsor that shared the same values and ethos we did in terms of climate change and the environment – not easy, but during a round table brainstorm session with my fellow directors, David’s name popped up. He was a regular attendee at my colleagues West African drumming classes, an enjoyable form of music learning which seems to attract people from all walks of life. We looked up Rowan Energy and felt it worth making a call. David immediately warmed to the idea and a follow-up meet resulted in a perfect fit for both companies. We are very excited about future developments with David and Rowan Energy as the festival gains momentum.

It’s interesting how it was the drum that brought both companies together. The drum is humans oldest instrument next to the voice, it is first and foremost a means of communication – that certainly was the case in this instance’

For David Duckworth, Rowan’s Founder and CEO, starting up a renewable energy company was always going to include social corporate responsibility and driving innovative technological practices to be carbon free “As the world’s first Community Fed Green energy company, I am proud for our business to be associated with leading human rights and

humanitarian organisations like Amnesty International and Médecins sans Frontières. I believe that we can continue to experience cultural events that we all enjoy and have missed whilst also ensuring that we are not contributing anymore to polluting our planet.”

All the hard work has paid off with Rowan being awarded the Most Promising Renewable Energy Start-Up 2021. As part of its ‘Decade of Action’ the judges of the Global Green Business Awards 2021 recognised Rowan as pioneers in finding and providing innovative and sustainable solutions to meet customer demands.

2022 sees Rowan Energy will see massive growth as its SmartMiner product comes to the national market.

Rowan will also be introducing its EV platform along with completing its peer to peer energy trading POC when its own utilities licence will be granted.

For more information about the Rhythms Sans Frontières festival: https://www.rsffestival.co.uk/

If you are interested in getting on the Rowan waiting list, you can email [email protected] or sign up at https://intro.RowanEnergy.com.

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