Revolutux, Sandbox, and Solana – The Top 3 Long Term Cryptocurrency Investments That Experts Can’t Stop Talking About


Cryptocurrencies have had a stellar past year if one looks at their towering popularity and rallying prices. Policymakers have been forced to introduce regulatory guidelines that are helping in bringing blockchain-enabled assets like non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies into the mainstream financial services and investment industry. 

If experts are to be believed, the rise of cryptocurrencies in the market may be attributed to a number of important aspects, including the possibility of high profits, the absence of third-party intervention, data privacy, and the push for digital solutions. At the same time, blockchain innovators are working hard to ramp up user experiences by equipping cryptocurrency platforms with new functionalities. 

For instance, smart contracts are a consensus that can automate a host of functions on these platforms. Therefore, tasks like distributing funds and authenticating and verifying investor information can all be automated. For investors who have their heart set on long-term cryptocurrency investments, options like Revolutux (RVLT), Sandbox (SAND), and Solana (SOL) are a good bet. Here’s a brief look into some of their most important features.

Nuanced Features to Shield Buyers Interest – Revolutux

Revolutux is an innovative decentralised platform for trading cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The platform has its native token RVLT that can be used for a wide array of transactional purposes that include staking, yield farming, and liquidity pool provisioning. Interested users can purchase the token on presale. The RVLT Token is built on a deflationary mechanism. 

Under a deflationary model, tokens are regularly burned or destroyed through various measures to ensure that their supply remains scarce. The move helps cryptocurrency platforms in keeping the value of the token stable and preventing investors’ wealth from being eroded. 

The Revolutux protocol ensures that token holders’ assets are collected and secured in the liquidity pool via an automated mechanism called the Automatic Liquidity Pool (ALP). 

The platform also facilitates NFT auctions and trade through a transparent and secure mechanism. It verifies the ownership and authentication of each token entering the ecosystem during NFT trades.

Over time, the platform also plans to introduce a decentralised autonomous patterned governance structure that will enable it to establish its vision for development through a community-driven approach. Under DAO-pattern models, a community of users gets to have a say in various operational matters by being token holders. Token holders can voice their opinions by supporting a proposal if a community member makes one about things like product launches, new features, the increase of liquidity, and technological upgrades.

The platform will have a total supply of 50,000,000,000 and will levy a 5% charge as buying and selling tax. The supply will be divided among different overheads, with the biggest share being allotted to the development of the platform. Another 25% will be set aside for presale transactions. The remaining tokens will be divided between the team and will be reserved for marketing activities and shoring up the liquidity pool.

Where Blockchain Meets Virtual Reality – Sandbox

Sandbox is a decentralised platform wherein users can create new gaming experiences and earn cryptocurrencies by designing games and playing them. In addition, users can look forward to creating digital avatars for a more immersive experience. The platform has its native token called SAND which comes in handy whenever there is a transactional obligation to meet on the Sandbox platform.

Enabling dApps to Scale New Heights – Solana

Solana is a blockchain-powered platform for deploying powerful dApps at low cost and in a highly scalable ecosystem. What sets it apart is the way it enables dApps to scale even globally in a hassle-free manner. As it maintains a single state as a network scales globally, developers don’t have to worry about issues like fragmented protocol layers and sharding during their scaling journey. It also has its native token called SOL, which can be used for staking and other transactional purposes.

As Revolutux is in its presale phase, crypto buyers have the opportunity to acquire the token at an affordable price. With the chance to make potential profits once the token is launched officially on the crypto market. Experts would advise conducting thorough research before buying tokens.

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