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What is AKTIO and what does it solve?

The AKTIO coin, developed by Automata ICO Ltd., a subsidiary of the Automata Group, redefines transaction settlement and exchange with its decentralized peer-to-peer nature. This white paper unveils the distinct features and advantages of the AKTIO coin as a digital currency, catering to mainstream adoption and its initial launch on the mobile platform.

  • A Decentralized Crypto Asset: AKTIO coin (ticker: AKTIO) is a decentralized ERC-20 standard token, operating on the Ethereum blockchain. Built for multi-asset exchange and settlement across various sectors and international borders, AKTIO serves as a versatile digital currency.
  • Seamless Integration with is a digital wealth and payments platformhosting a range of synergistic products and services. As a decentralized crypto asset, the AKTIO coin forms the backbone of the ecosystem, offering its benefits across every component and enjoying acceptance from related members of Automata Group.
  • Effortless Cross-Border Transactions: the AKTIO coin stands out by providing high-speed, cost-effective cross-border transactions. Traditional currencies and legacy financial systems are outdated, as the app offers an efficient method for transferring value globally.
  • Ethereum’s Autonomy: The Ethereum network efficiently handles these operations autonomously, eliminating the need for intermediaries like banks, brokers, or escrow agents. The impending Ethereum 2.0 protocol will further enhance performance and reduce gas fees, making it capable of processing 500 transactions per second with environmentally sustainable technology.

The app is revolutionizing the financial landscape as a crypto 2.0 platform. Thanks to the app, hesitating between traditional bank accounts, cryptocurrency platforms and decentralized finance services will no longer be an issue. is positioned as the all-in-one application that brings these essential tools together, orchestrated by its own token. is offering a multitude of advantages to its holders. Thanks to its decentralized design, eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional financial systems.

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Token Overview

  • ●  Token name: AKTIO coin
  • ●  Token symbol: AKTIO
  • ●  Total supply: 100,000,000
  • ●  Total circulation Supply: 44,371,034

Coinstore Listing

  • ●  Trading pair: AKTIO/ USDT
  • ●  Trade time: –
  • ●  Withdrawal time: –

What are the utilities of AKTIO?

The AKTIO coin represents a revolutionary force, paving the way for a new era of financial efficiency, transparency, and security. Below are the versatile utilities of AKTIO, showcasing its potential to reshape various economic sectors and disrupt legacy payment systems.

  • Key agreements and adoption: The Company has forged pivotal partnerships with merchants, regulated providers, and other Automata Group members, ensuring widespread AKTIO coin adoption. Holders can leverage AKTIO for transfers, exchanges, investments, interest payouts, and enjoy fee discounts across a spectrum of compatible services.
  • Embracing Decentralized Finance (DeFi): The app integrates with the infrastructure of decentralized finance (DeFi) and e-money institutions, amplifying the scope of AKTIO’s potential impact. This compatibility promises to revolutionize economic sectors with a faster, cost-effective, secure, and transparent alternative to conventional payment systems.
  • Faster transactions: The application enables fast transaction settlement, reducing waiting times and improving the overall user experience.
  • Reduced Exchange Fees: Holder’s benefit from a noteworthy 30% reduction in exchange fees, making currency conversion and asset management more cost-effective.
  • Secure Data Storage: AKTIO ensures secure data storage, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access and potential breaches.
  • Transparent Record Keeping: Transactions and activities conducted with AKTIO are recorded transparently on the blockchain, establishing an immutable and tamper-proof history.
  • Encrypted Signatures: Enhanced security is guaranteed through encrypted signatures, safeguarding transactions from fraudulent activities.
  • Combating Fraud & Money Laundering: AKTIO’s robust infrastructure contributes to combating fraud and money laundering, ensuring a safe and trustworthy financial environment.

AKTIO presents a vivid image of a holistic ecosystem centered around users, ready to transform the financial industry. With faster transactions, reduced fees, secure storage, and much more, AKTIO is powering a new era of financial innovation.

What does the project ecosystem include? introduces an innovative wealth management and payment platform that transcends conventional boundaries. With five core features – dedicated IBAN Account, WealthBot, WealthHub, Vault, and Wealth Card – the ecosystem offers a comprehensive solution that redefines wealth management, investment, and financial autonomy. This section delves into the components of this groundbreaking ecosystem, shedding light on the revolutionary potential it brings to the financial landscape.

  • Personal Accounts: provides users with dedicated IBAN accounts and secure custodial crypto wallets, creating a seamless space for managing funds. Whether it’s storing, sending, or receiving funds via bank transfers or on-/off-chain transactions, the platform offers a convenient and user-friendly experience. World and Elite subscription models unlock additional features, and benefits.
  • WealthHub Exchange: WealthHub is a proprietary exchange designed for seamless trading between fiat currencies, digital assets, and an array of traditional financial instruments. The platform’s architecture leverages technology and brokerage partnerships, ensuring efficient trade execution for users. With an ever-growing range of asset classes, WealthHub sets a new standard for digital payments technology.
  • WealthBot:’s WealthBot empowers users with algorithmic trading capabilities. Combining continuous research, development, and testing, WealthBot offers tailored robo-advisor solutions for both crypto assets and traditional securities markets. Users can define risk profiles and deposit funds, allowing the platform’s proprietary algorithms to dynamically allocate capital between core and satellite assets. This revolutionary tool simplifies digital wealth management, enabling users to access institutional-grade trading solutions without constant monitoring.
  • Vault: Vault introduces an innovative investment avenue, allowing users to stake funds and access various yields offered by strategic partners. This solution diversifies earnings potential and enhances the autonomous generation of profits from users’ wealth.
  • WealthCard: The Wealth Card represents the convergence of the Wealth Hub and other features, offering a seamless way to utilize invested capital. Users can make direct payments with their invested assets, facilitated by the integrated VISA network. With preferred exchange settings, the Wealth Card enables users to spend invested capital globally. Exclusive to Premium and Elite members, these unique cards are crafted from stainless steel and adorned with diamonds.

By integrating cutting-edge technology, algorithmic trading, and user-centric features, empowers users to unlock financial freedom and make the most of their assets. From efficient trading on the WealthHub to an autonomous wealth management with the WealthBot,’s ecosystem offers an all-encompassing solution for a diverse range of financial needs.

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