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An In-Depth Look at Golden Hearts Games: Reviews, Legality, and Legitimacy

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In the vast realm of online gaming, few platforms marry the fun of casino classics with a philanthropic mission quite like Golden Hearts Games. Our Golden Hearts Games review will show you how this site works.

This unique sweepstakes casino not only offers players the chance to win exciting prizes but also enables them to support meaningful causes. Check out our comprehensive review to discover how Golden Hearts Games is transforming gaming by combining charitable giving with top-notch entertainment, all wrapped in a user-friendly and secure environment.

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Golden Hearts Games: Pros & Cons
  • Supports charities
  • Wide game selection
  • Accessible on multiple devices
  • Unique rewards system
  • No dedicated mobile app
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Show StatesAL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, DC, WV, WI, WY
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Last Updated on 12/09/2023

Golden Hearts Games' welcoming gesture

Our Golden Hearts Games review began with a look at how this site rewards new customers. For those considering embarking on a journey with Golden Hearts Games, the platform extends a warm and rewarding welcome.

Newcomers are treated to an excellent offer that essentially doubles their initial spend: deposit and play with $10, and Golden Hearts Games gifts you an additional $10 in free play. It’s a gesture that not only showcases the platform’s generosity but also allows players to further explore and engage with the multitude of games available.

Such an offer acts as an excellent starting point for any gaming enthusiast, making the first steps at Golden Hearts Games both enjoyable and advantageous. Read our full Golden Hearts Games bonus review for more about this top deal.

Intuitive interface at Golden Hearts Games

Golden Hearts Games places paramount importance on user experience, as is evident from its intuitively designed website. Players can effortlessly navigate through different game categories, ensuring they find their desired game in mere moments.

The login process is swift, and for newcomers, signing up is a breeze. For those seeking further insights or assistance, the website’s footer is a treasure trove of information—encompassing terms and conditions, detailed platform and game rules, a comprehensive FAQ section, and avenues to customer support.

Complementing its user-centric design is a visually pleasing color palette of blue, purple, and yellow, which enhances the overall aesthetic and provides an inviting ambiance for players.

Golden Hearts Games on mobile and desktop

We carried out much of this Golden Hearts Games review on a mobile device. This is because Golden Hearts Games is versatile in its accessibility, being suitable for a wide range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops.

Although there isn’t a dedicated app for Android or iOS, the platform runs seamlessly on almost any modern browser. However, players using the BRAVE browser might encounter some hiccups, as it’s known to hinder the functionality of certain games and the “Daily Bonus” wheel.

To ensure the best gaming experience, it’s advised to use up-to-date Android and Apple devices, including Macbooks and Mac Mini devices, or PCs with Windows 10 or newer. While older devices can suffice, their memory and processing capabilities might affect gameplay. Browser-wise, Chrome (version 98+) is the top pick, with Safari (15.2+), Firefox, and Edge (97+) following closely. Again, avoid using the Brave browser for optimal performance.

Is Golden Hearts Games legit for payments?

Golden Hearts Games is unlike most gaming platforms out there. You won’t find the typical deposit option, as real-money gaming is off the cards. Instead, this social gaming site operates on a purchase system. Participants boost their gaming experience by acquiring Coins, which are then used for extended or advanced gameplay.

As for making a purchase or donation, the platform offers a straightforward process. Accepted methods currently include credit or bank debit cards like American Express, Discover, and Visa. Plus, for those immersed in the Apple ecosystem, Apple Pay is an available option, provided you’re using the Safari browser and have Apple Pay activated on your device.

But the game truly begins when it’s time to redeem those precious “Redeemable Coins.” Reaching a balance of at least 12,500 “Redeemable Coins” unlocks the redemption path. Navigate to the “My Account” page, either via the website’s menu icon or directly through the provided link. From there, a “REDEEM” button becomes visible, leading players to an array of payout options:

  • Digital gift card: Partnering with Prizeout, Golden Hearts Games enables you to convert your Redeemable Coins into digital gift cards. These are applicable across a myriad of retailers, restaurants, and various businesses. The digital delivery ensures you have your card within two business days, and, as a cherry on top, certain cards come with a bonus value, giving you even more bang for your coin.
  • PayPal: A widely recognized method, players can opt to have their redeemable coins transferred via PayPal, starting from 12,500 Redeemable Coins ($25 value).
  • Direct deposit: Prefer a direct bank touch? An ACH direct deposit to a checking account is available, with the threshold also set at 12,500 Redeemable Coins ($25 nominal value).
  • Paper check: For those who like to keep it old school or wish to redeem in bulk, paper checks are an option. However, this method requires a balance of 50,000 Redeemable Coins, equivalent to $100.

Golden Hearts Games ensures that the process is as smooth as the gameplay, giving players a comprehensive, yet uncomplicated system to enjoy their winnings.

Google Pay
American Express

Golden Hearts Games customer support

We found nothing but good customer support in our Golden Hearts Games review. The player experience doesn’t end at the gaming table. Recognizing the importance of efficient and responsive support, the platform offers multiple avenues for players to seek assistance or get their queries addressed.

Whether you’re more comfortable using the instant response of the live chat feature, prefer a detailed approach via the contact email form, or just wish to browse through commonly asked questions in the FAQ section, Golden Hearts Games ensures you’re never left in the dark. This commitment to customer service further underscores their dedication to creating a seamless gaming environment for all members.

Golden Hearts Games: Is Golden Hearts Games legit?

Golden Hearts Games stands out as a unique sweepstakes casino, intertwining charitable efforts with entertainment. As a promotional games platform, every play not only offers a chance to win but also supports charitable causes. Players can wholeheartedly back any charity of their choosing, provided it’s recognized by the IRS and maintains good standing.

Golden Hearts Games is legal across all 50 states, Washington D.C., and U.S. territories like Puerto Rico, so the platform boasts a wide reach. Since its inception in August 2020, players have engaged in its variety of games – from live-action bingo and blackjack to slot machines, video poker, and instant-win scratcher games. The impact of Golden Hearts Games resonates beyond mere gaming, as it has successfully raised funds for tens of thousands of charities and has provided a reliable source of entertainment, especially during times when physical bingo halls and gaming venues were inaccessible due to the pandemic.

Additionally, the site safeguards its users with top-notch encryption, ensuring personal and transactional data remain private. Adhering to a stringent privacy policy and fostering responsible gaming, Golden Hearts Games ensures a secure gaming environment. It’s essential to note that the platform strictly abides by the legal age requirement, allowing only individuals aged 18 and above to participate.

Earning free credits at Golden Hearts Games

Our Golden Hearts Games review found that while the brand might not have a traditional rewards program, players can still reap several benefits and gain free credits through various avenues.

Refer-a-Friend program

Players can significantly boost their Unplayed Coins through the Refer-a-Friend initiative. Here’s how it works:

  • Click on the blue “COPY LINK” button on the website to retrieve your unique referral link.
  • Share this link with friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Once a friend uses your referral link to create an account and makes an initial donation of at least $10 in support of a charity, you will instantly receive 5,000 free Unplayed Coins.
  • There’s no cap! For each friend you refer who meets the criteria, you’ll be awarded the bonus coins.
  • To track the status of your friend’s account or donations, simply follow the designated link on the platform.

Daily login bonuses

Consistency pays off at Golden Hearts Games. By merely logging in daily, players can collect bonus credits, keeping their play sessions active and rewarding.

Social media giveaways

Engaging with Golden Hearts Games on social media platforms can be a good idea. They frequently host giveaways, providing players with chances to win extra coins and other exciting prizes.

With these methods in place, Golden Hearts Games ensures that even without a structured rewards program, players have ample opportunities to enjoy extended play sessions and maximize their experience.

So many games found in our Golden Hearts Games review

Golden Hearts Games stands out in the crowded online gaming scene not just for its unique charitable spirit, but also for its wide-ranging gaming offerings. Players have a plethora of choices at their fingertips, and the action never stops, literally.

BINGO enthusiasts will be thrilled to note that a fresh game of bingo kicks off every 10 minutes. This translates to an astonishing 144 bingo sessions every single day, and a whopping 4,320 games over a month. Such non-stop action ensures that whenever the urge strikes, there’s a game waiting for players.

But the gaming repertoire isn’t limited to bingo. Golden Hearts Games boasts a comprehensive collection that includes fan favorites like BLACKJACK and VIDEO POKER. The variety extends to a range of distinctive SLOT MACHINES, each offering its own narrative and excitement. And for those in search of instant outcomes, the SCRATCH CARD GAMES are a perfect match.

What’s more, accessibility is at its prime here. Players can dive into these games without the hassle of downloading any software or apps. Whether it’s a laptop, a desktop computer, a tablet, or even a mobile phone, as long as it’s connected to the internet, it’s a gateway to the world of Golden Hearts Games.

Every game has its distinct odds, which are influenced by several factors, from the specific game in question to the Coin entry fee for that particular play. For players curious about their chances in a game, the “?” button within any game provides detailed insights into the odds of clinching a particular prize.

The currency of Golden Hearts Games: Coins and Redeemable Coins

At Golden Hearts Games, the in-game economy revolves around two distinct virtual currencies: Coins and Redeemable Coins. These currencies are central to the gaming experience and are tailored to offer both entertainment and rewards.


This is the primary virtual currency used at Golden Hearts Games. Players use Coins to enter any of the myriad games available on the site, from bingo and blackjack to slots and instant-win scratch card games. It’s important to note that once Coins are in an account, they cannot be transferred to another user. However, their true power lies in granting access to the games and the potential rewards that follow.

Redeemable Coins

These are a tad special. Players can acquire Redeemable Coins as prizes when they emerge victorious in any of Golden Hearts Games’ promotional games. Whether you strike gold in a promotional bingo or hit the jackpot on a slot machine, the prize will be immediately credited to the player’s account in the form of Redeemable Coins.

The current valuation of Redeemable Coins stands at $0.002 (USD) per coin. Once players accumulate a minimum of 12,500 Redeemable Coins in their account, they unlock the option to either redeem them for a cash prize or exchange them for a digital gift card.

Furthermore, if a player wishes to use Redeemable Coins to enter a promotional game, the system is designed to prioritize Unplayed Coins (regular Coins) first. For instance, if a player has a balance composed of 500 Unplayed Coins and 1,000 Redeemable Coins and decides to play a promotional game that costs 1,000 Coins, the system will first use the 500 Unplayed Coins and then tap into the Redeemable Coins for the remaining balance.

In essence, while Coins pave the way for players to enjoy the games, Redeemable Coins are the ticket to tangible rewards, making the gaming experience at Golden Hearts Games not just enjoyable, but also potentially fruitful.

Verdict - Great results in our Golden Hearts Games review

Golden Hearts Games truly stands out among sweepstakes casinos, not just for its extensive range of engaging games, but also for its unique virtual currency system. By intertwining gameplay with Coins and Redeemable Coins, the platform offers a seamless blend of entertainment and reward opportunities.

Whether you’re aiming for the excitement of a bingo win, the strategy of blackjack, or the potential rewards from Redeemable Coins, Golden Hearts Games provides a dynamic, immersive experience. In essence, it’s not just about playing; it’s about playing with purpose and the chance to make each game count.

Social Casino Bonus
Golden Hearts Games
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Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+
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Is Golden Heart Games legit? FAQ

♣️What types of games can I play at Golden Hearts Games?

Golden Hearts Games boasts a diverse range of games and they are all just as good as the games found in our Wow Vegas review. If you want an in-depth overview of each game and its unique features, our comprehensive review at Cryptomode provides all the details you need.

💰How does the virtual currency system work at Golden Hearts Games?

The virtual currency system at Golden Hearts Games is unusual but it’s also reassuringly similar to that found in our review. While we provide a brief overview here, for a deeper dive into how you can collect, play, and redeem these coins, head over to our complete breakdown at Cryptomode.

📱Can I play Golden Hearts Games on my mobile device?

Lots of sweepstakes casinos have ensured that their platforms are compatible with various modern devices, including mobiles. To get recommendations on the optimal devices and browsers for a seamless gaming experience, our Golden Hearts Games review covers all the specifics.

👮Is Golden Hearts Games legal?

Golden Hearts Games operates legally across multiple states in the U.S., but there’s more to its credibility. If you’re curious about the safety measures they have in place and their dedication to responsible gaming, Cryptomode’s detailed review offers a comprehensive look into these aspects.

👀Are there any loyalty or rewards programs available at Golden Hearts Games?

Golden Hearts Games has several promotions and deals that players can benefit from. For insights into their Refer-a-Friend program, daily bonuses, and more, our Cryptomode review has all the juicy details.

Conclusion - Key themes of our Golden Hearts Games review

Golden Hearts Games isn’t just another online gaming platform; it’s a community where players converge not only for the fun of the game but also for a noble cause. By seamlessly combining the excitement of sweepstakes gaming with charitable donations, it has redefined what it means to play online.

Whether you’re looking to unwind with classic casino games or seeking an online platform that aligns with your philanthropic spirit, Golden Hearts Games delivers on all fronts. With its intuitive interface, transparent operations, and steadfast commitment to player security and charity support, it truly stands out in the vast online gaming world.

As it continues to grow, it remains a beacon for those who believe that gaming can be both fun and purposeful. Now that you’ve read our Golden Hearts Games review, join the movement, play responsibly, and make a difference, one game at a time.

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