Ransomware has given Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a bad reputation over the years. This new form of malware always demands a Bitcoin payment for restoring computer access.

Jigsaw Continues to Puzzle Researchers

Although the Jigsaw ransomware had previously left its mark on the cryptocurrency industry, it seemed to have disappeared completely from the everyone’s radar. That is usually how ransomware evolves, as existing variants disappear into obscurity. Even so, the Jigsaw ransomware is making a comeback, albeit through a completely new business model.

Rather than lock computer files of its victims, the current Jigsaw specializes in stealing Bitcoin directly. A very surprising turn of events, although is it not entirely new by any means. Software stealing Bitcoin has been around for quite some time now, and it seems this business model continues to attract a lot of attention. It is a bit unclear how the Jigsaw team aims to make a successful comeback, as most of its code has not changed yet.

Because of this seemingly lackluster attempt, most security software solutions will still detect the Bitcoin-stealing malware without too many issues. An updated version of the code is direly needed to make a positive impact in this regard, although it seems the developers are not necessarily interested in pursuing this option. 

More About the Threat

As one would expect, this malware primarily targets the Windows clipboard. It attempts to modify any copied Bitcoin wallet addresses and replace it with completely different ones. Anyone who properly checks the Bitcoin wallet address they are sending money to prior to completing the actual transaction will easily spot the difference very quickly. Despite this fact, security researchers have discovered that close to 8.4 Bitcoin has been stolen by the new Jigsaw malware to date.

Final Thoughts

It is evident that malware developers will continue to target cryptocurrency users for some time to come. It is a very lucrative business model, mainly because so many people own at least a small amount of Bitcoin in this day and age. The revamped version of Jigsaw is just one example of how criminals remain drawn to cryptocurrency even to this day. Rest assured there will be other attempts to steal one’s Bitcoins, either through malware or otherwise.

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