Revain Price Notes Minor Gains Across the Board

CryptoMode Revain Price Momentum

There is a lot of bearish pressure across all cryptocurrency markets. That shouldn’t come as a big surprise whatsoever, primarily because Bitcoin is leading the trend down right now. All other markets derive value from the world’s leading cryptocurrency after all. The Revain price, however, is noting some minor gains as of right now.

Revain Price Uptrend is Surprising

Considering how all markets follow Bitcoin’s momentum, one would expect Revain to do the exact same. In the real world, however, things are never as cut and dry. While Bitcoin and nearly every other market in the top 50 is losing value, it seems Revain is following a completely opposite trend. That in itself is well worth keeping an eye on over the coming hours.

In the past few hours, the Revain price has gained 4.38% in USD value. This brings the price back to $0.1439. There is also a 5.9% increase over Bitcoin and an 8.4% increase over Ethereum. Both of those latter trends are pretty interesting to keep an eye on, primarily because both of those top markets continue to bleed value on a daily basis these days. Revain is putting up a valiant effort in this regard, albeit it will – most likely – not see a much higher value later today.

What is rather interesting is how all of this happens despite a relatively low R trading volume. More specifically, there is under $1.5m in volume, which is far from impressive. The majority of this volume comes from both BTC-Alpha and DagonEx, whereas OKEx struggles to generate any real interest right now. That is quite telling, as it further confirms the price surge is coming from exchanges most traders will not care about that much.

It is also interesting to note how this Revian value surge comes after a few days of rather big setbacks. Even yesterday, there was another 12.4% decline in price to take note of. It is not uncommon for markets to recoup some losses the day after, but one has to keep in mind the current gains are not necessarily “profit” for those who invested in Revain quite some time ago.

The big news for this altcoin is how it got listed on a new exchange. While Equicex will not necessarily ring a bell for most, it can effectively bring in some extra trading volume for Revain over the coming months. The team is also intent on trading R against over 300 cryptocurrencies, which can make for some interesting pairings.

Considering how all of the top markets are in the dirt right now, one has to wonder how long the Revain surge will last. It has proven nigh impossible for altcoins to escape Bitcoin’s grasp, either for better or worse.  As such, this price trend will not necessarily remain in place for very long, although this market has successfully bucked the overall trend on more than one occasion in the past.

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