Revain Price Gains Another 10% as Other Markets Crumble

CryptoMode Revain Price Momentum

Not too many cryptocurrencies can get people excited ahead of this weekend. All major markets are down in the dirt once again yet there is some cautious reason for optimism when looking further down the cryptocurrency market cap rankings. In the case of Revain, everything is going swimmingly, which is both entertaining and surprising.

Revain price Momentum Continues to Surprise

Considering how nothing seems to be going right in the cryptocurrency world right now a lot of people will begin chasing profits out of sheer desperation. That is only a normal response, as this bearish pressure is excruciating in many different ways. In fact, it seems the worst may have yet to come, as altcoins are bleeding money at a very high rate right now.

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One of the altcoins successfully bucking this trend is Revain. It is not a currency a lot of people know about, which would explain its very low trading volume in the past 24 hours. Just $1.8m worth of R has changed hands in 24 hours, which is a very low figure for any market. Especially one that is up by 10% over the past few hours.

Looking across social media, it seems the daily sentiment associated with Revain is rather neutral. There isn’t too much buzz surrounding this project, which would explain the low trading volume it is very easy to influence this altcoin’s price right now, which makes it a prone target for speculators and manipulators. Even so, the gains are there for the taking.

One positive development is how Revain will get a new USDT trading pair on the DragonEx exchange. Any currency paired to a stablecoin usually gets some extra trading volume in the following days and weeks. Whether or not that will also apply to Revain, is difficult to predict. The Revain price is responding in kind to this announcement, though.

When pump signals croups start to pay attention to Revain, one never knows what the future will hold. It wasn’t one of the currencies called in October although the results for the month of November may prove to be different It is not all that easy to make money with cryptocurrencies these days, although there are numerous opportunities to explore.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the Revain price over the weekend. It wouldn’t be impossible to see a further uptrend in this regard, primarily because the gains over both Bitcoin and Ethereum are adding up rather nicely. Both of those currencies are expected to keep losing value in US Dollar, though, which can shake things up quite a bit.

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