Revain Price Gains 20% and Recovers Recent Losses

CryptoMode Revain Price Momentum

A lot of interesting things are happening in the world of cryptocurrency. Whereas the top markets are still dealing with minor losses, some of the smaller markets are seeing positive momentum. Revain is one such example, as its price has been on a roll lately. Even though this is a mere recovery of recently sustained losses, the uptrend is still pretty spectacular.

Revain Price Surge is Surprising

It doesn’t happen all that often a cryptocurrency can soar in value, drop by over half its value, and recover losses as if nothing happened. While Revain might not be there just yet, the yo-yo effect is very palpable when it comes to this particular altcoin. There has been a very strong uptrend over the past few hours which negates some of the losses sustained earlier this week.

Over the past 24 hours, there has been a very solid Revain price surge all across the board A 21% gain in USD value pushes the price back to $0.2265. There is also a 24% gain in BTC value and a 28% rise in R/ETH. All of these trends are extremely promising despite the altcoin only having $1.8m worth of trading volume in the past 24 hours. Revain never needs much trading volume to pop off, by the look of things.

What is rather peculiar is how the Revain price recently dropped from $0.261 all the way to $0.1862 in very quick succession. After struggling near this level for several days, the current momentum catapults the altcoin back to its previous high level prior to the drop. A very remarkable market trend. It also seems most of the trading volume originates from DragonEx’s USDT pair, which is even more interesting, all things considered.

On social media, there isn’t too much talk regarding Revain at this time. Although that may seem like a negative side effect, the reality is very different. More specifically, the main focus lies on the Revain price momentum, which is currently leaving all other currencies in the dust. It is also worth noting Revain successfully regained the $100m market cap level and then some.

As mentioned before, the Revain price recently saw a massive decline, for some unknown reason. Although Bitcoin turned bearish at that point too, few traders expected the top 100 Β ranked by market cap to lose 68% in value in such quick succession. Considering how Revain was the biggest loser of that day, this current resurgence is all the more impressive.

For the time being, it remains to be seen what the future will hold for the Revain price. Given its tendency to go up and down in value so often, one has to wonder what will come next. The following hours will be crucial for Revain, as it will either confirm the breakout or result in another big setback accordingly. Anything is possible in this volatile industry and nothing is ever set in stone.

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