Revain Price Gains 15% Out of Nowhere

CryptoMode Revain Price Momentum

It has become relatively complicated to make sense of the current cryptocurrency market momentum. All of the current gains are still on very shaky legs, and another correction looms on the horizon. No real changes have become visible over the past few hours, with the exception of Revain. Its value is skyrocketing as of late.

Revain Price is on the Move

It is rather interesting to see how all of the top cryptocurrency markets are still struggling for traction. Even though Bitcoin negated its losses, there is still no real stability whatsoever. Instead, there are minor gains and losses across the top 15, with no real changes looming on the horizon. This pushes speculators to explore different markets, such as Revain.

In the case of this altcoin, there is a notable uptrend in USD, BTC, and ETH value over the past 24 hours. A net 15% gain in USD value pushes the Revain price to $0.23 once again. There is also a 14% gain on Bitcoin, and a 13% gain over Ethereum. All of these trends are very bullish, despite just $2.2.m in trading volume.

Looking across social media, this was a matter of time. Revain has noted some strong momentum for some time now, primarily because of the project’s business model. Revain is targeting a very specific market, albeit one that has an impact on many people’s online activity in this day and age. As such, it is a matter of time until the true potential of this technology becomes apparent.

When looking at the bigger picture, a Revain price uptrend had become apparent several weeks ago. More specifically, the altcoin reached a 90-day high in late October, which further confirms this latest uptrend is anything but surprising. Sustaining such growth is always problematic first and foremost, although Revain seems to be holding its own.

Following pump groups in the cryptocurrency industry is always asking for trouble CryptoDealignDesk is a very interesting example, as they recently sold Revain at a net loss. Had they managed to hold on to this bag for some days longer, they would be netting very healthy profits right now. Keeping losses in check is always a vital strategy as well.

One thing to keep in mind is how Revain lacks any substantial trading volume at this stage. That is not uncommon during the weekend, although ensuring this uptrend continues will be a different task. For now, the uptrend seems solid, but things may turn around at any given moment.

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