Renowned D&D And Magic The Gathering Artists Release Their Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT Collection Through Galaxis

CryptoMode Girls, Robots, Dragons

The NFT industry continually caters to enthusiasts and artists globally. Even renowned content creators, such as the designers of Magic The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, eagerly explore this booming industry. Through a partnership with Galais, they have released the Robots, Girls, Dragons NFT collection last week.

The Appeal of Girls, Robots, Dragons

NFT enthusiasts may have noticed a peculiar collection entering the world of non-fungible tokens. Spearheaded by Zoltán Boros and Gábor Szikszai, the Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT collection introduces a new sci-fi fantasy world. More importantly, the collection is launched through Galaxis’ dynamic NFT technology, allowing the Hungarian illustrators – known for their work on Dungeons & Dragons and Magic The Gathering – to bridge the gap with their global fans.

Under the hood, Girls, Robots, Dragons features 9,000 double-sided non-fungible token collectibles. They merge fantasy and sci-fi artwork, diversified across 15 unique GRID characters. All NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain, with several pieces revealed on the collection page. While these NFTs could make for appealing profile pictures on social media, the collection provides substantial utility.

Holders of GRD NFTs gain access to exclusive Boros – Szikszai original paintings, as well as numbered prints and redeemables. In addition, select lucky holders will be able to join both artists in online meetings to exchange feedback and ideas and have a chat about anything and everything. It is a golden opportunity for fans of these two world-renowned artists. Having the opportunity to work for Blizzard, Niantic, and other companies helped cement the legacy of Boros and Szikszai over the years.

Avid gamers will have interacted with the graphics and designs of this iconic duo. Their creations are found across Magic The Gathering, Diablo, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, and World of Warcraft, among other franchises.

Galaxis Empowers Creatives

It is no coincidence that Szikszai and Boros worked together with Galaxis for the Girls, Robots, Dragons collection. Galaxis provides a platform-as-a-service solution to help creative individuals use non-fungible tokens to grow and engage their community and monetize creativity. Moreover, Galaxis strongly emphasizes the power of Web3 communities.

Galaxis founder András Kristóf adds:

“NFT technology can help artists and celebrities speak directly to their fans. In turn, digital technology can help artworks reach art creators directly, bypassing the complicated channels that have been in place until now. This is the aim behind the current spectacular collection at Galaxis, which will be launched in June under the title Girls, Robots, Dragons.”

The public sale for the Girls, Robots, Dragons collection is now underway. Interested users can mint their GRD NFT(s) for 0.07 ETH a piece. Collectors can compete for various prizes up to 3.5 ETH, autographs, sketches, drawings, etc. Moreover, the first 3,000 cards will enable the holder to get back their purchase price in the DUST token over the course of 1 year.  

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