Remarkable supply burn could push Uniswap, Tamadoge, and Shiba Inu holders to invest in its presale


When it comes to cryptocurrency, timing is everything, and early adopters are the ones who will reap the most rewards. Experienced investors are scouring the crypto markets for the next low- or mid-cap gem that will 100X their investment. 

Uniglo is one such gem with a massive supply burn ahead that pushes Uniswap, Tamadoge, and Shiba Inu holders to migrate over. 

Understanding Uniglo Fundamentals

Uniglo (GLO) is a recently introduced cryptocurrency in the decentralized financial market. Uniglo’s main selling point is that, unlike many other cryptos, GLO, Uniglo’s native currency, would not be affected by speculations or market movements. Instead, a carefully curated portfolio of assets will be used to prop up the price of GLO during periods of extreme volatility. 

The Uniglo project will implement a hyper-deflationary token supply mechanism to stabilize GLO’s price. Only 217.10 million GLO tokens have been distributed so far. Furthermore, it uses an Ultra-Burn mechanic to limit the supply of GLO tokens available on the secondary market. 

Ultra-Burn will periodically repurchase released $GLO tokens and burn them. Moreover, the protocol will include an in-built 2% burning tool that will apply to each $GLO sale and purchase and further reduce the number of circulating tokens.  

Uniglo’s structure and goals have drawn investors worldwide, driving the price up by 55% over the four presale rounds. Therefore, as the launch date (November 19) and a massive unsold token burn event approach, crypto enthusiasts are rushing to fill the bags.


Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange, dominates the DeFi token swap market on the Ethereum network. Unlike the stock market, Uniswap is constantly open and accessible, hosting liquidity pools that enable permissionless trading. 

Traders engage in smart contract interactions, and investors who supply liquidity receive a cut of the swap charge in $UNI.

 Uniswap is the basis for all other successful DeFi exchanges, and its Automated Market Maker (AMM) methodology completely changed how decentralized exchanges function. 


Tamadoge is a P2E platform where users may buy digital pets with NFTs. These NFT pets may be trained and utilized in the fight against those of other players to establish one’s dominance in the metagame. If you win a combat, you’ll be able to get some TAMA tokens as a reward. 

TAMA is the native token that allows traders to buy NFTs from Tamadoge’s app store. 

Shiba Inu

Launched in 2020, Shiba Inu is a meme coin built on Ethereum. The creators have developed a dog-centric metaverse where users may have fun, learn, and make money. 

The SHIB team saw the potential for expanding the network’s usefulness by adding NFTs as digital land parcels that users could mine. 

Additionally, with the new SHIB Burn portal, holders may destroy their tokens and be compensated in $RYOSHI.

The Final Glance

Having the Uniswap, Tamadoge, and Shiba Inu communities acknowledge Uniglo’s potential is a big boost of confidence. Its upcoming supply burn and the tons of functionality we will observe after launch place it above most ICOs and predict significant price increases.

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