Redditor Accuses HEX Creator of Some Dastardly Deeds


The Hex debacle continues to spark numerous debates among crypto enthusiasts. One Reddit user now claims how the project has been unfaithful to users from day one.

Numerous allegations have been thrown in the project’s direction over the past few weeks.

The HEX Drama Cycle Continues

The fact that the value of HEX dropped to 1 satoshi isn’t helping matters much either.

On Reddit, a very interesting post regarding this controversial project has surfaced.

It seems to indicate how the origin address of this project received multiple bonuses.

Those bonuses were “paid out” at the same time of the Adoption Amplifier receiving a balance update. 

By distribution hundreds of millions of tokens to the address controlled by the project creator, the narrative becomes very different.

Furthermore it would appear these “bonuses” paid to the origin address are the unclaimed HEX tokens which should have been distributed to all stakeholders

It now appears that those users will not receive the tokens they were waiting for, which is very problematic. 

To make matters worse, the Redditor also claims the HEX creator has been staking coins, despite claiming that would never be the case.

As is always the case, accusing someone of doing something wrong is one thing.

There are always two sides to every story.

However, it seems advisable for enthusiasts to steer away from this venture altogether. 

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