Even during times of the coronavirus crisis, there will be ample people trying to scam cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Especially on Reddit, there appears to be a group of people exploring this particular option.

Social platforms will always attract scammers and other types of criminals.

More Crypto Scammers Appear on Reddit

Online platforms where discussions pertaining to cryptocurrencies occur every day will fit that role perfectly. 

On Reddit, there are multiple scam accounts trying to engage with users through the built-in chat option.

After striking up a conversation, they will then try to share links or info on scam projects.

It is not a novel approach, as this method has been tried and tested in the past few years.

Even in 2020, despite the coronavirus crisis, people will fall for these cheap tactics.

What is remarkable is how most of these scammers will pretend that they are female.

The cryptocurrency industry has a lack of female community members, making this all the more suspicious.

How many people have fallen for these scam tactics so far, remains unclear.

There will, unfortunately, always be fraudulent efforts in any financial sector, especially where cryptocurrencies are concerned.

Using common sense is always the best option.

There is zero reason to trust random strangers on the internet, after all, especially where finances are concerned.


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