Raoul Pal Expects a Massive Bitcoin Price Jump


There are many different opinions on where the Bitcoin price will head over the coming months. Raoul Pal is convinced that the current looming financial depression will create a Bitcoin market cap in the trillions of dollars.

It has been an interesting year for the Bitcoin price.

A Big Bitcoin Price Jump Looms Ahead

Its value has spiked to over $10,000 again, yet failed to remain there for very long.

Even today, there is still ample of volatility for users to contend with.

All of this may just be temporary, according to Raoul Pal.

He claims how Bitcoin’s time to shine has yet to come, and may happen sooner rather than later.

More specifically, Pal is convinced that there will be plenty of financial problems in the years to come.

As such, the great depression may look like an almost joyous event in comparison.

All of this will, according to Pal, stimulate a higher Bitcoin price.

Much higher than it is today, in fact.

Eventually, he expects the Bitcoin market cap to surpass $1 trillion, and even go as high as $10 trillion in the years to come.

How plausible all of this really is, will be a matter of speculation and debate.

Anything is possible, especially where the Bitcoin price is concerned.

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