Quant (QNT) Sees Renewed Attention, While Aave (AAVE) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Dominate the Crypto Market


Investors are increasingly turning their attention to cryptocurrencies that bring something new to the table. Consequently, most are thronging to projects with proven utility and use cases as they stand to play a pivotal role in the digital era. Quant (QNT) is one of the projects that continues to see renewed attention as Orbeon Protocol and Aave dominate the crypto market.


Orbeon Protocol

For decades it’s not been possible for regular investors to sit at the same table with wealthy investors in the race to invest in early startup firms. One of the biggest hurdles has always been the minimum capital required to invest in highly prospective startups. The high entry barriers have also made it difficult for startups to raise much-needed capital.

Orbeon Protocol is well poised to change all this by unveiling the first crowdfunding platform. The platform supports the creation of fractionalized NFTs sold for as little as $1. Therefore, everyday investors should be able to invest in startups through fractionalized stakes, thus gaining pieces of the startups.

The fractionalized stakes allow any investor to participate in funding rounds. Consequently, startups should be able to target a wider pool of investors while looking to raise much-needed capital.

ORBN is the native token that is to make everything possible in the ecosystem as a medium of exchange. Orbeon Protocol offers holders an opportunity to stake part of their holdings and, in return, earn some passive income. Holders will also vote on key proposals and projects as the token doubles up as a governance token.


Quant Interoperability Edge

Quant is another project seeing renewed interest amid a growing focus on projects with a groundbreaking use case. The lack of direct connection between various blockchains has always been a big issue slowing their adoption in the mainstream sector.

Quant is one project that seeks to change all this by making it easy for various blockchains to communicate and exchange data. Consequently, it has launched an Overledger DLT gateway that is already eliciting enterprises’ interest.

As more mainstream financial institutions explore the possibility of central bank decentralized coins, quants technology promises to be very valuable in enhancing connectivity in the sector. Additionally, it would be extremely valuable to governments as the need to improve connections between various financial institutions on the blockchain increases. Consequently, as talk about CBDC grows, QUANT should continue to elicit interest.


Aave Disrupting Lending Industry

Aave is another project well poised to disrupt the lending industry, which might explain its growth prospects. The decentralized lending protocol has carved a niche in making it easy for people to borrow and lend crypto without the need for any centralized intermediary

Rather than finding a counterparty to match up or facilitate transactions, users only have to tap into liquidity pools from which they can deposit and withdraw. People who lend the coins to enhance liquidity also stand to earn a yield on borrowers putting up collateral and paying interest for assets they are borrowing.

The fact that Aave has made it possible for users to lend and borrow tokenized versions of real-world assets such as real estate and consumer loans is poised to be a game changer.

Bottom Line

Investing in projects with more growth potential and using a case in the digital world is wise. Orbeon Protocol is one project well poised to transform the crowdfunding sector as Quant moves to enhance the interoperability of various blockchains. Aave is also well poised to usurp traditional banks as a preferred platform for borrowing and lending.

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