Qi blockchain and its ecosystem of cryptocurrency services plan to dominate Web 3.0

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Web 3.0 can exist thanks to the creation of all kinds of collaborative, decentralized platforms capable of remunerating people in a balanced way, in view of this blockchain technology becomes the basis on which all these platforms can emerge using the scalability, anonymity and security it can offer.

Today we will be talking about a cryptocurrency ecosystem that hopes to lead the cryptocurrency services in Web3 and thus offer various options for users who every day are joining this new economic and technological revolution. Let’s go to the end!

“Qi blockchain” an ecosystem of Web3 services!

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“Qi blockchain” is born with the aim of leading a large number of digital sectors based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, coming to offer digital asset exchange services, NFT marketplace, play to earn games, NFT collections, among many other things.

All this using its own blockchain “Qi blockchain” and its native token known by its acronym “QIE”. Below we explain in detail each of these points to learn more about what “Qi blockchain” can offer to all crypto enthusiasts and investors who decide to bet on the growth of the crypto and Web3 ecosystem.

“Qi blockchain is characterized as a layer 1, scalable blockchain with ability to process up to 100 times more transactions than Bitcoin and offers transaction fees up to 100 times lower than Ethereum therefore, the speed and economy it can provide make it one of the ideal blockchains for the creation of all kinds of dynamic Web3 platforms and ecosystems.

What services does “Qi blockchain” offer?

While we have already talked a bit about how the Qi blockchain and its native token work, it is now time to talk about the other alternative services offered by one of the most versatile cryptocurrency ecosystems today.

  1. QiDex. (Decentralized Exchange)

It is presented as one of the most important pieces of the “Qi blockchain” ecosystem and comes to be a decentralized digital asset exchange that enables near-automated transactions for trading cryptocurrencies under the “swap” methodology without the need for intermediaries. It also offers the option to create tokens, an ideal function for projects that wish to create an internal economy.

2. Hovr.Site. (NFT Marketplace)

This is the Marketplace of the platform and allows the commercialization of NFT digital elements, where users can create, buy, sell, and exchange parts unique digital and immutable within the Qi blockchain, using the native token of the “QIE” platform that is used to exchange value in the “Qi blockchain” ecosystem.

For more information, please visit the following link → https://hovr.site/

3. HovR Hooligans. (NTF Collection)

It is an NFT collection consisting of 10,000 digital pieces. related to the largest cities in the world. This NFT collection can be traded on the NFT marketplace Hovr.Site with other users in which supply and demand can set the price of each digital element.

4. Pawsome 3D (NFT Game)

It is presented as a play to earn game in which the protagonists are the digital dogs under a dynamic similar to that of Cryptokitties, where the methodology to obtain rewards is based on the breeding of dogs that can be differentiated by their breeding, breed and racing skills, which will be the main attraction of this game.

To conclude.

The wide variety of services offered by the Qi blockchain ecosystem positions it as one of the ideal ecosystems for the development of all kinds of decentralized applications and projects based on crypto and blockchain, due to the benefits it offers in terms of scalability, security and tariffs.

If you want to know a little more about “Qi blockchain” visit its official website at the link below → https://Qiblockchain.online


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