PZM Cash – similar but different

PZm Cash

PZM Cash is a cryptocurrency created as a means of payment for a rapidly growing ecosystem, where each individual member receives an overall wealth increase.

The key strategic success factor of PZM Cash is its focus on the steadily increasing scaling and synergy of supply and demand.

PZM Cash key features

  • Innovative technology

  • Use of the modified Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm and sidechains to ensure the security of the main ledger.

  • Decentralization

  • PZM Cash is a fair ecosystem where every user can participate in decision making and increase the value of the coin. 
  • Decisions on updates and changes are made by a majority of votes using the option built into the native wallet.

  • Speed

  • The average time it takes to generate a new block every 60 seconds ensures stability and network development.

  • Smart contracts
  • The ability to use cryptocurrency to create decentralized banks, exchanges, credit services, exchangers, casinos, betting shops, games and applications.

  • Javascript and Web3.js Technology

  • Implementation of PZM Cash in JavaScript enabled the use of Web3.js technology. 
  • Web3.js will significantly expand the functionality and capabilities of the PZM Cash Wallet due to unification. 
  • Users will be able to log in without registration to sites and services through the wallet, where cryptocurrency as payment is used.

  • Open source

  • All data will be freely available on GitHub with the provision of SDK for third-party applications based on PZM Cash.

PZM Cash Mobile Application

The PZM Cash multi-platform mobile application supports devices with iOS and Android operating systems. It allows you to make outgoing transactions in seconds with a minimum commission and monitor in real time  your balance and the accrual of PoS mining.

Similar but different

The PoS consensus algorithm of PZM Cash is different from the “classic” one. The creators of PZM Cash have significantly modernized the POS consensus algorithm. In the PZM Cash network, transaction fees are fixed, which guarantees an equal distribution of profits between forgers.

The mechanism of filling the network with the money supply in PZM Cash is also different. PZM Cash refused to issue completely when generating the first block. Only 1% of the total number of coins will be distributed using premining at the start of the network. The remaining coins will be issued during PoS mining – payments to the loyal holders of PZM Cash for supporting the network.

The benefits of using the PoS protocol for the user are as follows:

  • No need to invest in equipment purchases
  • To get the maximum income, use a minimum of resources
  • A more economical option for energy costs
  • Transactions within the system have a fixed commission, which does not depend on the amount of transfer

The PZM Cash Coin Sale started on April 6, 2020. Take your chance to participate! 

Learn more information and invest on the PZM Cash official website: https://pzmcash.com

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