Pundi X Price Soars as Developers Unveil Decentralized Blockchain Phone

Cryptomode Pundi X Price Rise

A lot of cryptocurrency speculators keep a close eye on Pundi X at this time. The project has made some very interesting announcements, and the price is responding in kind. This will be a very intriguing market to keep an eye on, albeit it remains to be seen how things evolve once the initial hype has calmed down a bit.

Pundi X Price Makes Some Strong Moves

These are pretty interesting times for owners of the Pundi X token. Although it is a currency with one of the highest circulating and total supplies on the market today, there is some merit to this project. With its current market cap of $212.4m, there is a good chance this may only be the beginning of what the uptrend may bring to market in the coming days.

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Over the past 24 hours, the Pundi X price has risen by just over 10%. This is partially thanks to similar gains over both BTC and ETH, which effectively pushes the USD value to $0.0017. A healthy gain, although one would expect the big announcement of this week to make far more of a splash. The current trading volume for NPXS is still relatively low, thus things might improve moving forward.

Speaking of the big news. Pundi X unveiled its decentralized blockchain phone today. Although there is a genuine hype surrounding blockchain phones, Pundi X is confident they can do things very differently. Only time will tell how this phone behaves once it gets into the hands of consumers, rather than professional reviewers.

Although this blockchain phone news is pushing the price forward, one has to look beyond the dollar signs as well. Malik confirms the price is irrelevant at this time, as the developers’ commitment to delivering on the hardware and software side is a clear indication the project will not disappear anytime soon. An interesting sentiment, even though most people want profits first and foremost.

Additionally, one has to keep in mind Dubai is launching its own digital currency on a blockchain. Most people seem to overlook this will be done with the help of Pundi X, which further shows the team is checking a lot of the right boxes. This development might not impact the Pundi X price itself that much, yet it will undoubtedly create some excitement regardless.

Based on the current market conditions, the obvious conclusion is how the Pundi X price will continue to rise. Whether or not $0.002 can be reached, is very difficult to predict. Not everyone seems hyped about the coin right now, and its low trading volume can be a bit problematic. Still, a market worth watching for those chasing profits.

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