PulseChainArt NFTs Provide Passionate & Loyal Richard Heart Fans a Selection of Unique & Memorable Digital Art Pieces

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Fusing the unique personality traits & persona of Richard Heart, including his likeness, fashion, accessories, and more, PulseChainArt plans to release a new NFT collection with a purpose. 

Bringing together new, younger and existing fans of Richard Heart, the PulseChainArt NFT collection is the first of its kind. Playing on the celebrity status Richard Heart has achieved in the cryptocurrency world, PulseChainArt has created this digital collection as an homage to his style, fashion, accessories, and larger than life personality. The NFT collection features unique collectibles that are comprised of various fashion, personality, and character attributes of Richard Heart with vivid colors and depictions of Richard Heart himself. 

In the coming months, PulseChainArt looks forward to moving ahead with a number of exciting projects. In addition to the release of their recently announced NFT collection centered around Richard Heart, PulseChainArt plans to release the HexArt NFT collection, which will include unique digital pieces of art. Soon thereafter, PulseXArt will be released – a collection that will contain unique traits and generated from a digital smart contract. All of PulseChainArt’s NFT collections will be minted, stored, and traded on the Ethereum blockchain. The art reflected in these collections represent the loyal Hexicans, passionate PulseChainers, and devoted PulseXers who believe in Richard Heart’s vision for the Crypto industry. This collection also serves as a means to give back, pledging a portion of its proceeds to the SENS Research Foundation.

The PulseChainArt NFT Collection is the first of several upcoming NFT collection releases. The details of future projects will soon be revealed on their respective channels. Explore all things PulseChainArt and engage on Twitter, Discord, Telegram for more information.

About PulseChainArt

PulseChainArt is a private collection of NFTs, each stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Made from 72 attributes showcasing Richard Heart’s big personality, fashion, and accessories, each PulseChainArt NFT is unique and traded on Ethereum. 

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