Pull Your Sword From the Stone. Avalon: The Game Brings Arthurian Fantasy to Life in Next-Gen Blockchain MMO

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I must ride with my knights to defend what was, and the dream of what could be.” – King Arthur, Excalibur

What world will we visit in paradise? The chance to create shared experiences that players truly own and shape heralds the beginning of a new era in digital entertainment. Galaxy spanning space operas, the highest of fantasy lands, military escapades – the new metaverse will contain thousands of worlds for users to express themselves in.

Yet with everything feeling so new, sometimes its best to return to the old legends. The seeds of the fantasy worlds that define our modern epics. A time of knights and dragons, wizards and witches. A land of loyalty, honour, dangers, and death. When one King ruled over a land that time – for all its constant ravaging – will never be able to forget. We have to return to Avalon, and see King Arthur at his round table of legendary knights.

The round table in Arthurian legend was an acknowledgement of the equality that existed between the lord of the realm and his knights. It’s a fitting analogy for the new vision of gaming universes, where the knights have a direct say – a direct stake – in the success of the kingdom, with a decentralised approach to decisions and rule. 

How Avalon: The Game is Setting New Standards for Blockchain Gaming

Avalon: The Game, a Triple-A quality MMO set in a new vision of the Camelot of yore. A world of towering spires, ancient churches and rustic homesteads, of expanses of luscious green and forests populated with gnomic druids. Villages, towns, harbours, graveyards, stables, castles and more are dotted all over the realm for players to explore, entertain, and mingle with their fellows in the marketplace, where a thriving economy of loot-exchange and land-purchase take place. 

In this way, Avalon will be play-to-earn, pushing real-world value into the hands of its players. But it’ll also be play-to-learn, drawing back the veil on this land of legend and myth.

Danu Games, the visionaries behind the game, are sinking enormous resources and effort into capturing the magic of the ancient kingdom of Avalon. The days of poorly-rendered blockchain games seeking to cash in are already numbered. Players expect their experiences to echo the quality they expect in Web2 titles. 

Avalon: The Game, even from initial alpha footage, looks to match that quality. It’s built in the Unreal 4.27 engine and will migrate to Unreal 5 upon release in preparation for a possible Playstation 5 launch. They’ve also called in the cavalry, with writing from Justin Sloane – who wrote Game of Thrones: The Game, and music by Leonardo Furore, who provided the soundtracks to Final Fantasy XV and Blade Runner 2049.

Danu Games is thus clearly not messing around in their knightly quest to bring Triple A quality to blockchain gaming. It’s only by delivering exceptional gameplay that the true magic of the blockchain and what it adds to the world can be leveraged and truly shine.

How the Ownership Economy Puts Players First

That magic is the ownership economy, and Avalon wants to push this envelope further than any other company has done so far in helping their players take control of the magical realm that they populate. There are three core ways that players can profit from their playtime. 

They can collect sales taxes by owning in-game land, own manufacturing and hospitality buildings to trade goods and craft rare NFTs, and – of course – by participating in heroic quests with other players, launching massive multiplayer raids, to gain loot and a portion of the game’s in-game currency, $AVL.

The fact that players can collect tithes from their hard earned land from other players seeking to use their services will construct an intriguing in-game economy that will augment the experience and the feeling of living in a magical, medieval kingdom.

A starting player may be lowly, in thrall to the lords of the kingdom and the taxes they take, but as they grow in strength and complete mighty quests, soon enough they will be the ones taking charge of the land. There are indirect ways to accrue power in Avalon, such as being voted in as a council member, a knight of the round table, or even becoming the King of Avalon themselves.

NFTs in Avalon: The Game

Players will start as basic characters, which are free-to-play for Avalon: The Game pass holders. These characters are not NFTs though, and can’t be resold. There will be NFTs available for players in the form of land, buildings, and special characters however. 

Players can own diverse property like windmills and granaries, inns and blacksmiths – all of which form a crucial role in the progression for the player, and each are a key cog in Avalon’s wider economy and gameplay experience. Other more precious items, like the Dragon Egg NFTs, can be found hidden in the deepest darkest caves of Avalon’s game world. And finally there are the special characters, like the Grand Inquisitor, who is a driving part of the story and has access to the most challenging and regular community-wide quests. 

Players who own this NFT will be able to play as him and drive the story of Avalon along. Other special character NFTs will participate in frequent raiding and experience special weekly and monthly content first. Basic free-to-play characters, however, can only participate in daily quests. However, when experienced enough, players can participate in raids. 

These 5-6 man raids will form the crux of Avalon’s high-end gameplay experience, with players acquiring loot with real-world value, and even getting their hands on sponsored content provided by the STKC stakeable chests, where companies and individuals who want to put up prize pools can leave their mark on the world of Avalon. Weekly tournaments will let skilled adventurers earn unique upgrades and adornments which certify them as true champions of this new world.

Avalon: The Game’s launch is – especially with first-look screenshots coming out – already hotly anticipated. Early access passes are already available on Opensea, with early adopters able to grab one and secure their place as a steward of the kingdom. King Arthur calls for help; it’s time for the players to answer.

Avalon Reimagined

King Arthur’s legend is always ripe for reimagining, and Danu Games has put their own spin on the classic tale to bring it to life for a new generation. The prosperous kingdom of Avalon, for so long a bastion of security and strength, is under threat. An inquisitor, his poisoned words pouring into the King’s ear, has forced an exile of the Druids from the Kingdom. 

Players can play as Elves, Yeomen (think Robin of Sherwood), Vikings, Kings Knights, Templars, Druids, Hunters, Wizards and Inquisitors. Each will fill their niche in the classic raiding party setup, with tanks, healers, ranged and mages, and all will bring different attributes to help in the fulfilment of quests. Although players are encouraged to work together, all quests can be completed alone.

The Vikings in the north flee from the storms with dire portents of the drama to come, and the necromancers in the mountains wake from their grave slumber to threaten the sanctity of the realm. King Arthur surveys a realm of newly arrived cryptic elves, and monstrous Orcs in the streets causing trouble. Will Camelot fall? Or will the dark tides be a call to greater adventures and the building of a better kingdom. The players, together, will decide. 

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