Pugglit Inu To Become One Of The Biggest Meme Currency Like Dogecoin And Shiba Inu


The world of cryptocurrency saw the launch of Doge bringing in a new era for what is now known as meme coins. DOGE and Shiba Inu (SHIB) have since maintained the position of the biggest meme coins in the world of cryptocurrency. The new coin aims to stand beside, if not overtake them over time.

Pugglit Inu (PUGT) aims to launch a new era of meme coins, as with the case when the popularity of meme currencies exploded in 2020 with Dogecoin and Shiba Inu (SHIB). Pugglit Inu (PUGT) intends to be a unique solution to many crypto-related problems such as flexibility, accessibility, security, and transaction costs. 

Pugglit Inu (PUGT)

Pugglit Inu (PUGT) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), it is an established reserved currency protocol with the goal of bringing governance to the community members of the platform and empowering its holders. The Pugglit Inu network DAO will help the platform to build a currency system controlled by community policy, where the DAO will also control the nature of its token. The Pugglit Inu project aims to establish itself as a decentralized cooperative that utilizes liquidity and existing token models. This will be the framework for user incentivization and structuring in its community. 

Pugglit Inu (PUGT) will offer crypto owners a new digital meme token to help promote its widespread. The Pugglit Inu platform will be secure, decentralized, and environmentally sustainable. The platform users will be rewarded with set token amounts for transactions and offers to claim as this will encourage more people to join the network. Pugglit Inu (PUGT) token owners can exchange the native tokens, PUGT, for other tokens and trade freely among themselves. Also, The Pugglit Inu’s platform made provisions to allow its users to track their transactions, token usage, token balance, rewards, and contemporary token market valuations from their wallets without difficulty.

PUGT is Pugglit Inu native Token, which is the utility token that will be utilized in the Pugglit Inu platform. The token is a digital asset that is tradable in the Pugglit community that represents services, or assets issued on the project. The Pugglit Inu platform will issue the token to the users to perform a wide range of functions for the community members, it can be used to buy or sell on the Pugglit Inu’s platform or other decentralized blockchain platforms.

DogeCoin (DOGE)

In 2013, DogeCoin (DOGE) was launched with the goal of creating a faster but “fun” alternative to Bitcoin (BTC). The crypto started and is based on the Japanese Shiba Inu dog logo. Dogecoin is a Peer-to-peer open-source platform that started out as a joke during its launch but has grown to become one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world today.

Dogecoin (DOGE) was launched almost a decade now but it has managed to retain its value over time, even after the overnight achievement pleasure and enjoyment have worn off. Dogecoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency used online for tipping between peers and content creators on social networks.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) 

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a crypto based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain that features the Japanese dog breed as its mascot. Shiba’s rose in popularity in 2021, making it Dogecoin’s (DOGE) major competitor and referred to as the “Dogecoin killer” by many crypto enthusiasts. The Shiba Inu ecosystem includes three tokens with the SHIB token being the most prominent component of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. SHIB acts as the platform’s medium of exchange. Shiba Inu users can stake, lend, and earn passive income through recurring fees that are linked with smart contracts.

The ShibaSwap ecosystem supports several useful utilities, including NFTs and a decentralized platform, which is contrary to the popular belief about meme coins being driven solely by hype and sentiment.

PugglitInu (PUGT)

Presale: https://pug.pugglitinu.com 

Website: http://pugglitinu.com/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/PugglitInuOfficial 

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