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The Internet today seems so user-friendly and simple to understand that you cannot even suspect a thing sometimes. But in fact, there are many pitfalls to consider, especially if your business happens online. There are various means to provide safety for your work online, but old things lose their relevance as the technologies develop. Today, people use proxy services to secure their data. How does it work, and how can help you?

A proxy server: what is it?

The word proxy means mediator. A proxy server works as a middleman between the user and the web host. Both parties in this interaction can benefit from using mediator servers. 

The gist is that a request a user sends to a host contains some valuable information. To be more precise, it has:

  • the IP address data;
  • the network info;
  • the data a user applies on a website he visits.
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A proxy server can encrypt and change the contents of a request to hide the peculiarities of a user’s activity. It can come in handy for both private purposes and business needs. But if personal use suggests enhancing the confidentiality level, use cases for business are far more varied. 

Thus, people use proxies for business to provide safer info exchange, better remote communication between the employees, staff’s online activities control, and so on. A mediator can also serve to improve the network performance, as well as the brand’s website availability. In other words, people apply mediator servers variously. 

What kinds of proxies exist?

Classification of proxy servers depends on the criteria you choose to distinguish them. We underline the importance of three typologies.

The first refers to the functions used. According to this factor, proxies are divided into:

  • transparent – when a server changes nothing, only tracks and restricts the activities;
  • anonymous – when the IP is hidden;
  • distorting – when the address is changed;
  • high-anonymity – when the IPs are rotating.

The second touches upon who uses the services of proxy providers. Thus, exist:

  • forward proxies – applied by regular and business users to visit the hosts;
  • reverse ones – used by the web hosts to manage the data flow and unload the channels.

The last one distinguishes proxies by IPs:

  • residential – which IP addresses are assigned to physical locations;
  • mobile – if a mobile device is used to surf the Internet.

The service uses the last classification to offer its customers various plans. 

Advantages of working with

Cooperation with Soax proxies allows you to choose. First and foremost, you choose a reliable service with a robust application to manage your servers’ functions and friendly support. Then, you can choose from plans in categories of residential or mobile servers. Finally, you choose a plan corresponding to your needs, requirements, and budget. 

To sum up the essentials, it is worth saying that proxy services are an advantageous option for those who aim to save time and effort doing their work. Soax is a reliable service able to provide safety of your confidential info and facilitate your routine.

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