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Financial trouble continues to brew all over the world. In some countries, this unrest is taking rather violent proportions. 

A lot of things are going wrong in Iran when it comes to finance. The rise of fuel prices has not been well-received, to say the very least.

Iran Faces a Rough Patch

It did not take long for residents to protest on the streets and demand a chance. Unfortunately, that change will not occur, at least not by the hand of the government.

Raising the fuel prices is not unusual in any country. Doing so by 50% overnight without prior warning is not the best way to go about it. 

Additionally, the government has imposed a fuel limit per vehicle per month. That change doesn’t sit well with the populace either, for rather obvious reasons. 

The protests eventually turned pretty violent is certain parts of Iran.

For some reason, the protestors decided to turn their anger against the Central Bank of Iran in Behbahan.

The situation got out of control very quickly, as the building has been burnt down for the most part.

It is not entirely abnormal for angry citizens to turn toward banks. They are the ones overseeing the financial status of a country, with the help of the government.

While the Iranian economy might be struggling according to some, these types of unexpected measures will usually lead to unrest and riots. 

At the same time, President Hassan Rouhani confirmed the domestic economy is doing just fine. 

A very uneasy situation remains in place, with more protests likely to follow across Iran in the weeks ahead.

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