Promising Presales That Will Bring 50x Returns To Early Investors: Dogetti and RobotEra


The power of the presale is a force to be reckoned with, as it can make or break the future of up-and-coming cryptocurrencies. Investing in projects quite early on is perhaps the best way to get into cryptocurrency without it costing you an arm and a leg. Experienced and savvy investors turn their attention to lucrative projects that are still in their presale phase, not only for the discounted prices but for the chance to witness their unbound potential unfold, and to become a part of something that is life-changing. Let’s take a look at three projects that have the most potential for positive investment returns in 2023.

Explore The Radical RobotEra (TARO) Metaverse:

RobotEra invites users to explore the wonders of virtual reality through its marvelous metaverse. Users are transported to the destroyed planet of Taro, where they can help towards the planet’s restoration through different activities and from the perspective of a robot. The platform’s play-to-earn gaming model allows users to be rewarded with TARO, the native token of the RobotEra ecosystem. Users can participate in the creation of this new online world with the freedom to create anything they want, collaborate with fellow robots and explore an immersive online space whilst acquiring profitable digital assets, like the customisable robot-themed NFTs for example. Users can also earn by staking and mining TARO tokens, and achieve rewards for winning competitions as well as discovering hidden places within the metaverse. RobotEra allows people to utilise their creativity, immerse themselves in an interactive virtual world and connect with like-minded people in doing so. The project is currently in its early stages of its presale, with brilliant predictions for the growth of its value for the rest of 2023.

Dogetti’s Presale Dazzles Investors:

Dogetti (DETI) is a dog-themed and mafia-inspired meme token that is set to take over the flourishing meme coin economy. The project’s primary goal is to make decentralized finance the mainstream, by giving people autonomous control over their personal finances. The ideals of community, transparency, and inclusivity are the pillars of this incredibly value-driven project, and its success is entirely dependent on the active participation of its loyal community, affectionately known as “The Family.” Every voice of this family will be heard through its decentralised autonomous organisation, the DogettiDAO, whereby the community will guide the project’s direction and immensely profit from doing so.

Dogetti allows investors to diversify their portfolios through the adoption of charismatic canine NFTs which can be bought, sold and traded through the Dogetti NFT Marketplace. Users can also create their own cunning companions through the platform’s NFT breeding mechanism, which adds to the token’s utility. These charming NFTs will be taxed at 6% with a 2% reflection allowance, of which 1% will be utilised to increase the token’s liquidity and 1% will be distributed to holders. An additional 2% of this tax levy will be sent to the Dogetti Charity Wallet, in which donations will be made towards the charitable organisations of the Family’s choice.

The Ethereum-based DETI token can be exchanged for other ERC-20 tokens on its decentralised exchange, DogettiSwap and transactions will be taxed the same as NFTs, ensuring the financial sustainability of this promising project. As the token is built on the well-known Ethereum blockchain, high security levels and trustworthy scalability is ensured.

Investing in this token’s presale- which is still in its first stage- can bring returns of up to 900% upon launch, as the project has already passed the halfway mark of its $500K first stage goal. This project has certainly made its debut with a bang, and it doesn’t look like this momentum will be lost anytime soon. Be sure to take advantage of the project’s bonus code, WISEGUY25, which will allow you to gain an additional 25% of DETI with your purchase and be witness to this multi-functional and highly prosperous project.

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