ProjectStarter Sees Massive Growth and New Opportunities in FY23

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Unlike the fluctuating crypto markets, interest in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market has exploded in the past 24 months. This triggered the entry of new innovators into the market. 

One of them is ProjectStarter—an SG-based crypto launchpad company whose objective is to make cryptocurrency and blockchain projects available to anyone who wants to get involved at an early stage. 

The launchpad offers a platform for obtaining allocations for new tokens (IDO, IGO, IEO) or NFT Pre-Sales.

Crypto launchpads are decentralized platforms where blockchain-related projects can raise money through initial token sales. Several crypto launchpads have popped up in recent years, but not all have tangible value to newbies looking to become part of the crypto ecosystem.

ProjectStarter’s “PulSaR Crypto Hub” environment has already drawn a large number of crypto enthusiasts due to the multiple real-world utilities that it provides to token holders.

The world’s first crypto hub

“We are the world’s first crypto hub with a full and stackable ecosystem with real-world utilization for our holders,” says Gary Liu, Chief Strategic Officer. “Our PSR token can be used for more than just staking for access to IDO presales. It can also be used in a multifaceted ecosystem that is supported by three solid utility pillars,” Liu adds.

The project’s first pillar, “Wealth Accumulation,” provides a high yield return on investment of 20 to 50% in its stable coin.

The second pillar is made up of “Wealth Accumulation,” which has the first NFT marketplace that accepts fiat as well as a 3D art gallery with HNI NFT artwork.

The third pillar, “Lifestyle & Entertainment,” includes free access to special travel benefits and invitations to events hosted by ProjectStarter and strategic partners.

From the investors’ standpoint, our platform saves them a lot of effort and time in doing their research and studying the new and upcoming trends,” Liu added.

Growing through good deeds

Analysts predict that decentralized finance could be 100 times larger in the next few years. 

DeFi is only five years old, but by 2023 its services will be widely used by the crypto community. Growing 100x in the following five years is not just a pipe dream; with the resources and talent currently flowing into the space, it is inevitable.

ProjectStarter will undoubtedly profit from this because of the good things that its business model does for everyone who wants to participate in the cryptocurrency market. In addition to providing significant savings and equitable opportunities for investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the launchpad project is also implementing a strict and rigorous vetting process that carefully examines projects before they are accepted and added to the platform.

Experts say crypto launchpads offer a significant value proposition for the development of the market for digital assets. If current trends are any indication, the majority of upcoming cryptocurrency projects will probably no longer be restricted to VC investments. A new era in the crowdfunding industry will begin as a result of the paradigm shift toward decentralized launchpads. Better yet, by using this strategy, more people will be able to take part in the developing cryptocurrency market.

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