Product Configurator: the Key to Personalized eCommerce

product configurator

Interest in buying customized products grew by 2.4 times in 2015 to 2018. Americans want custom products and customization is the future. Today’s consumers have increasingly diverse needs so one size fits all does not work anymore. Product configurator is the solution for today’s personalization of eCommerce.

There are four approaches to customization, each with different levels of customization. From low to high customization, they are adaptive, transparent, cosmetic, and collaborative. Adaptive is when standardized products are designed to accommodate many uses—there is no customer input. Transparent means manufacturers adjust the product based on customer data. The function of the product is customized and the appearance is standardized. Cosmetic has the customer choices restricted to the final stages of manufacturing and only the appearance is customized. Collaborative creates a truly unique product based on customer preferences.

To customized products while being able to produce on a large scale, you need configured products. There are cost-effective and mass produced and take the benefits of both standard products and highly customized products. In order to have configured products, you need a product configurator. Product configurators are built on product databases that include data like features and functions of each part and how the products work in assemblies. Configurators are good for business and can improve engagement and reduce work and returns. When investing in customization, companies are more likely to meet product targets (like cost, quality, and revenue). Be sure to look for these key features: 360 degree visualization, real-time pricing, customer experience, and data available early on.

An infographic detailing how a product configurator can enable scalable customization.

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