The Michael Peres Podcast: An Interview with Rebecca Perez on Empowerment, A Glimpse into the World of Women Entrepreneurs


    Seattle, Washington–(Hexa PR Wire – April 21, 2023)–The Michael Peres Podcast announces its upcoming episode featuring a conversation with accomplished entrepreneur and published author Rebecca Perez. In this episode, host Michael Peres and Rebecca will discuss her journey as a woman in business, her best-selling books, and her latest ventures.

    About Rebecca Perez

    Rebecca Perez is a published author, successful real estate investor, and developer. She has written several books, including 101 Ways to BeGossy, Be, Cash is Queen, and JOY. As a certified PPL, skydiver, and scuba dive master, Rebecca brings a unique perspective to her work.

    In 2016, she founded Goss Club Inc, a platform designed to empower and inspire women in business. Goss Club offers guidance on personal power, self-actualization, and best business practices. In 2018, the first women’s business magazine, Goss Magazine, was launched and quickly became an international publication.

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    Rebecca’s latest venture is Goss Capital, focusing on the development of MIACondos and aiming to build 155K doors across North America. Goss Capital is dedicated to creating a sustainable future while putting women at the forefront of a male-dominated industry.

    About The Michael Peres Podcast

    The Michael Peres Podcast is hosted by serial entrepreneur, software engineer, journalist, and author Michael Peres. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, primarily focusing on entrepreneurship, technology, and personal development. Michael aims to provide listeners with valuable insights and lessons from accomplished professionals in various fields.

    Join Michael Peres and Rebecca Perez in Episode #16 of The Michael Peres Podcast for an inspiring conversation that will leave you motivated to achieve your own goals.

    About Michael Peres

    Michael Peres is an entrepreneur, software engineer, journalist, and author. He has founded several startups and holds degrees in various fields. As the host of “The Michael Peres Podcast,” he discusses entrepreneurship, personal development, and technology with professionals across industries. Based in Seattle, Washington, he is the Chief Editor for Peres Daily, Breaking 9-5, and Israel Now News.

    Contact Rebecca Perez

    Goss Magazine @gossmagazine
    Rebecca Perez @rebeccaiperez



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