Strategic Advisor Podcast Announces New Episode with Results Resourcing CEO, Elizabeth Eiss


    New York, New York(Hexa PR Wire–July 12, 2023)–In a recent episode of the Strategic Advisor Board Podcast, Elizabeth Eiss, Founder and CEO of ResultsResourcing, discussed her insights and experiences in the realm of freelance staffing platforms. The discussion revolved around Eiss’s online talent curation platform, an innovative method of freelance staffing.

    Elizabeth Eiss
    Elizabeth Eiss, Founder/CEO of Results Resourcing

    About the Guest: Elizabeth Eiss

    Elizabeth Eiss, an entrepreneur with an extensive background in various sectors, is the mind behind Results Resourcing, an online platform developed to bridge the gap between organizations and freelance professionals. Over her career, Eiss has transitioned through different roles, demonstrating her flexibility in leading both large-scale organizations and startup ventures. Her passion for creating win-win solutions for both buyers and sellers in the fluid talent market has led to the creation of Results Resourcing. The platform seeks to respond to the dynamic needs of the ‘gig’ economy, employing a blend of high tech matching algorithms and expert human touch.

    About the Host: Kara James

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    Kara James is the driving force behind the Strategic Advisor Podcast. As a certified business coach and strategist, and the CEO of Pursue & Thrive LLC, James has been instrumental in aiding businesses in their growth journey and revenue generation by designing effective strategies. Besides her role at Pursue & Thrive, James is a key member of the Strategic Advisor Board, a collective of diverse business advisors dedicated to devising growth plans for businesses. Her work in these multiple roles underlines her commitment to business growth and her expertise in navigating the unique challenges each business presents.

    About The Strategic Advisor Board

    The Strategic Advisor Podcast offers listeners the latest business insights, tips, and trends from a variety of industry leaders. The discussions encompass diverse experiences and perspectives, sharing the stories and business strategies of guests from multiple sectors.


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