Revolutionizing Web2 & Web3 Marketing: PerxPal & FLOLiO’s Attribution Tracking Success Story


    Case Study: Bridging the Web2 & Web3 Funnel Divide with PerxPal & FLOLiO’s Advanced Attribution Tracking for Enhanced Marketing Strategies

    NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The landscape of online marketing is undergoing a rapid transformation as the Web3 world gains momentum. With this shift, new challenges emerge for companies seeking to track attribution for both on-chain and off-chain actions. In response to these challenges, FLOLiO, a trailblazer in web3, and PerxPal, a platform offering CashBack and Crypto rewards for shopping top brands, have joined forces to bridge the attribution gap and unlock new dimensions of marketing success.

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    PerxPal’s use case was all set to launch a dynamic mix of paid campaigns, including Google Ads, in-app rewards, influencer-powered social posts, and buzz-worthy press releases. To navigate this Web2 & Web3 fusion effectively, the team at FLOLiO integrated their cutting-edge attribution tracking and performance marketing stack into PerxPal’s operations.

    The integration enabled PerxPal to gain unprecedented visibility into the efficacy of their paid and organic marketing initiatives. The team could monitor site-wide Key Performance Indicators, analyze real-time campaign insights, and optimize Web3 outreach. This data-driven approach propelled PerxPal’s growth trajectory as they successfully drove traffic to the site, with users spending an impressive average of ~2.5 minutes exploring ~3 pages per visit.

    The power of accurate attribution tracking was harnessed to monitor new user sign-ups, traffic sources, device preferences, and user interactions. This deep understanding allowed PerxPal to make data-driven improvements, resulting in increased user engagement and overall satisfaction.

    In addition, FLOLiO’s attribution tracking technology facilitated seamless tracking of Web3 users who connected their wallets to enjoy extra “Perx” while shopping top brands. This feature is PerxPal’s first attempt to bridge the gap between mainstream Web2 brands and emerging Web3 communities.

    “PerxPal’s success story demonstrates the transformative potential of integrating Web2 and Web3 marketing strategies,” says Mikhail Reznik, CFO of FLOLiO. “With our cutting-edge attribution tracking, we empower projects to become new types of marketers in the Web3 landscape.”

    Embracing the AI revolution, FLOLiO also offers its clients CLiO, a personal AI assistant designed to facilitate seamless communication with their dashboard of data, charts, CPAs, conversions, etc. With CLiO’s ability to provide easily understood insights on high volume figures or specific funnel drop-offs, to name a few, clients can sharpen their marketing efforts in real-time, and utilize this unique view of their data to create actionable next steps on how to best optimize the effective campaigns, and taper off the ineffective efforts.

    FLOLiO’s advanced attribution tracking technology opens up new opportunities for projects to enhance user behavior insights, optimize conversion rates, and elevate marketing strategies to new heights. This precision in data analysis, backed by the power of AI, propels projects towards success.

    If you’re eager to unlock the full potential of your project and explore how FLOLiO can revolutionize your journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at

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    FLOLiO is a trailblazer in web3, delivering innovative solutions that bridge the gap between web2 and web3. With cutting-edge attribution tracking technology and advanced AI solutions like CLiO, FLOLiO empowers projects to optimize their marketing strategies and achieve unprecedented levels of success. Learn more at


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