La Coco Boutique Announces Extension of Affordable Luxury Fashion Line


    Tampa, Florida(Hexa PR Wire–July 8, 2023)La Coco Boutique, an online fashion platform, is set to widen its range of affordable luxury clothing for women. Established by the mother-daughter team of Gila and LeeNor Dikel, the online store provides a collection of stylish, comfortable, and versatile attire that fits diverse occasions.

    The Story of La Coco Boutique

    La Coco Boutique, logo
    La Coco Boutique, logo

    La Coco Boutique’s evolution from a mid-pandemic dream to a bustling online clothing store is a testament to its founders’ passion and commitment. Gila Dikel, following a 22-year teaching career, decided to take a new path. Combining her aesthetic appreciation and her daughter LeeNor’s business acumen, they transformed their vision into a concrete reality.

    Gila Dikel, co-founder of La Coco Boutique, expresses, “Our boutique is not just a commercial entity; it signifies every woman’s right to feel both comfortable and fashionable in her attire.”

    LeeNor Dikel and Gila Dikel founders of La Coco Boutique
    LeeNor Dikel and Gila Dikel founders of La Coco Boutique

    La Coco Boutique’s Offerings

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    In line with their commitment to quality and affordability, La Coco Boutique has broadened its product line to feature new seasonal pieces and timeless classics. The company maintains direct contact with suppliers, ensuring each item adheres to their strict standards without straining customers’ wallets. The boutique’s worldwide shipping and excellent customer service have amassed a dedicated international customer base.

    “We appreciate our customers for their unwavering support, which has made our mother-daughter venture successful,” shares LeeNor Dikel, co-founder of La Coco Boutique. “Our clientele’s fondness for our clothing motivates us to continue presenting beautiful pieces.”

    La Coco Community

    The client base of La Coco Boutique comprises women from diverse backgrounds, united by their desire for affordable luxury. The boutique aims to empower women through fashion and foster a community where every woman feels esteemed and acknowledged.

    Visit to experience the affordable luxury and timeless elegance that La Coco Boutique offers. By purchasing from La Coco Boutique, customers join the Coco Community, a group that celebrates the splendor of women and the bonds of family.

    Contact Information

    LeeNor Dikel, website:
    LeeNor Dikel, number: (813)-345-4167
    LeeNor Dikel, email: [email protected]

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