Goss Club’s Rebecca Perez Guest Stars on The Be Bold Begin Podcast


    In the latest episode of The Be Bold Begin Podcast, guest Rebecca I. Perez, founder of Goss Club and editor-in-chief of GOSS Magazine, dives deep into her journey of balancing joy, purpose, and empowerment in her professional life. The episode highlights Perez’s unique approach to success, where she finds strength and drive in the midst of challenges through joy and purposeful surrender.

    About The Guest, Rebecca I. Perez

    Rebecca Perez, founder of Goss Club
    Rebecca Perez, founder of Goss Club

    Rebecca I. Perez is focused in the world of female entrepreneurship. As the founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of the Goss Club and its E-Magazine, she’s creating a global platform for women to gain inspiration and empowerment in building their own business empires.


    About The Be Bold Begin Podcast

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    The Be Bold Begin Podcast offers valuable insights on how to take the first step in your next purpose-driven venture. This platform, led by host Christina Barsi, serves as a source of practical tools and tips to turn your fears of starting something new into concrete action steps.

    About The Host, Christina Barsi

    Christina Barsi, Founder of Avant Haus Media
    Christina Barsi, Founder of Avant Haus Media

    Christina Barsi, the host, producer, and editor of the Be Bold Begin Podcast, is also the founder of Avant Haüs Media. Besides hosting this insightful podcast, Barsi is a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, podcast producer, consultant, content creator, and speaker/workshop leader, with a mission to empower and inspire creatives to create.

    Contact Information

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