B2Prime Major Updates: What’s New?


    LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–B2Prime, a global PoP multi-asset liquidity provider, is renowned for adhering to high standards, striving to be the best and ensuring its products meet the client’s changing needs. To improve the product offering, B2Prime has implemented changes to regulatory requirements, leverage packages and more.

    Regulatory requirements

    The regulatory framework of B2Prime has been improved with two more jurisdictions.

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    B2Prime Mauritius (FSC Mauritius)

    B2Prime Mauritius is a new regulation helping institutional market players and corporate clients outside Europe with an innovative settlement flow. Now,  settlements to margin accounts on platforms such as Prime XM and OneZero can be made in fiat currencies (EUR/USD) and cryptocurrencies (major coins + stablecoins). Brokers in Mauritius can now work with a trusted liquidity provider in the same area, allowing them access to various types of financial contracts, like crypto CFDs, NDF CFDs, and other CFD assets.

    B2Prime Cyprus (CySec)

    This jurisdiction is added for European clients. A trustworthy liquidity provider regulated by the European Union offers a wide range of crypto CFD pairs, NDFs, and other traditional and unique instruments to European brokers and institutional market players, including those in Cyprus. Additionally, B2Prime Cyprus has permission to welcome business and institutional clients from countries outside the EU, such as Malaysia, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, and Vietnam (the complete list of countries can be found here).

    Margin Requirement Updates

    B2Prime offers multi-asset liquidity at the most competitive price and best terms. The company provides the following advantages:

    • The setup of the Prime Margin Account: Free.
    • The monthly minimum liquidity fee: is $1,000 (includes one FIX API or Hub-to-Hub).
    • Monthly fee for optional MT Gateway/Bridge: $1,000.
    • Minimum account deposit: $10,000 (can be used for trading).

    You can find more information about the B2Prime commissions by leaving a request on the website.

    More Liquidity Options

    A wide range of instruments for the following asset types was presented:

    • Forex
    • Crypto CFD
    • NDFs CFD
    • Spot indices
    • Precious metals
    • Commodities

    All the instruments are accessible via a single margin account. The 24/7 streaming liquidity for our 93 crypto CFD pairs is especially noteworthy: the feature is accessible via FIX API and available on platforms like PrimeXM and OneZero. Moreover, it is a competitive 10% margin on major pairs. 

    B2Prime also lowered margin requirements on ten more crypto CFD instruments. Reducing margin requirements means brokers can borrow more money with less initial investment. In simpler terms, the margin requirement now is only 10% or 1 to 10 leverage.

    These new opportunities would help you make the most of your capital and have an advantage since B2Prime offers the most competitive fees.

    Upgraded Distribution Methods

    If you use Metatrader, B2Prime offers Bridge Gateways for MT5 and Bridge Plugin for MT4. If you have Trading Liquidity Hub, you can access these using OneZero/PXM solutions or Hub-to-Hub connections.

    Furthermore, using the FIX API protocol, B2Prime has integrations with platforms such as cTrader, Centroid HUB, T4B Trading engine, YourBurse Hub, and FxQubic Bridge. Once a broker finishes the initial process with B2Prime, they can start using a single prime margin account within just one day. This means allowing specific IP addresses and accessing all pairs mentioned in the specification list.

    Website Updates

    In addition to the service updates, B2Prime reworked its website, making it more structured and clear and ensuring easy navigation and quick access to essential information.

    • Visual distractions were minimised, ensuring a more focused user experience.
    • Blocks display has been improved, ensuring each block is short and easy to read and navigate.
    • The B2Prime website can automatically redirect visitors to the right page based on their geographical location, ensuring a better user experience.
    • The website’s header and footer were upgraded per the latest UX/UI standards.

    The Future Of B2Prime

    B2Prime, a reliable liquidity provider, has done a great job improving its features and redesigning the website. It offers 93 Crypto CFD pairs with competitive 10% leverage available 24/7, and the company’s innovative website showcases its top positions in the industry and innovative approach to liquidity provision.

    B2Prime will showcase its latest innovations at the iFX Cyprus Expo, attended by industry professionals, showing their comprehensive offerings. 


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