Another-1 Immortalizes Street Art and Streetwear with ‘Drip-Lab’ – combining NFTs, PFPs and NFC Technology


    MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Another-1, the web3 luxury fashion platform, today announces the global launch of Drip-Lab – a multi-faceted phygital NFT project in collaboration with Como-based luxury technical fabric mill Olmetex, and renowned graffiti writer and artist Zoow24.

    Drip-Lab launches with a mission to define the global intersection of art, graffiti, technology and streetwear, uniting a new and vibrant community of collectors and connoisseurs in the process. By launching a graffiti and street-culture inspired NFT collection, immortalizing Zoow24’s “The Wall” mural as an NFT, as well as linking the artist’s iconic illustrated characters to an NFC-enabled Olmetex fabricated windbreaker jacket, every aspect of the Drip-Lab project combines to ensure that historically ephemeral street art can be recorded, owned and flexed forever.

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    At the heart of this project are Zoow24’s five instantly recognisable ‘miniature behemoth’ monster character NFTs – REKT, EXTO, KULT, CRYMELON, and ROOT – which represent vices that can cause an artist to lose their way. The NFTs will be available with over 1,700 backgrounds, 183 monster traits, and 5,555 profile pictures (PFPs) variations as the Drip-Lab community grows.

    In short, this unique blend of physical and digital (phygital) utility offers ‘Drip-Lab’ holders around the world the chance to flex a range of digital PFPs, physical products and murals, as well as augmented reality experiences that will be revealed with Another-1’s plans for future activations.

    The ‘Drip-Lab’ Roadmap

    The Pre-mint for ‘Drip-Lab’ is now live in anticipation of the sale on the Another-1 ADO Launchpad, allowing interested community members exclusive access to mint this project by linking their wallet ahead of the public offering.

    Next week, on Wednesday, July 26th at 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC, presale for the project opens, and on July 27th at 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC the public sale will go live. An individual PFP will cost $150 USD each and to forge a customized jacket will cost $350 USD. After the drop, added benefits and utilities will be revealed as holders of these PFP project NFTs will benefit from a free airdrop of an NFT that immortalizes ‘The Wall’ art created by Zoow24 in Como. Adding the fashion and streetwear element, a highly anticipated aspect of this project is a limited edition windbreaker jacket that comes equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

    Designed by Olmetex, a world-renowned Italian mill setting the standard for fashion’s leading technical fabrics, these jackets showcase five captivating thermo-reactive dual-colorways and feature ZOOW24’s monsters on the inside lining for a customized finish.

    Apart from making sure its wearer looks good in the streets, ‘The Writer’s Jacket’ will enable its owners’ to take advantage of Another-1’s ‘Flex-To-Earn’ module and get a 25% cash back airdrop in $AN1 tokens once the collection sales have been concluded, and the NFT redeem for the physical Jacket will be available later this year.

    Speaking on the project, artist Zoow24 said, “Drip-Lab is a cautionary expose of what vices become when they spiral out of control. When you stop doing the drugs and the drugs do you. Habits are what make us human and how we choose to spend our time defines us as people.” “As a whole, this collaboration with Another-1 and Olmetex has created an opportunity for me to take my art, my characters and my creativity to a whole range of platforms and possibilities.”

    Marco Staglianò, CEO of Another-1, added, “Our mission is to push the envelope and radically change the way art is produced and traded. By establishing the Drip-Lab project along with Olmetex and renowned artists such as Zoow24, we are proving that graffiti is a medium that can live on and be appreciated forever. This is a historical crossover of art, fashion, and groundbreaking technology and we’re excited for what’s still to come.”

    “Working with a renowned fabric manufacturer like Olmetex, we also have the opportunity to tie physical fashion to this story of street and digital art. This is a first for the world and we’re excited to see how these passionate communities of street art and streetwear collectors will respond.”

    Finally, Olmetex Managing Director, Beatrice Breschi had this to say: “Olmetex has decided to make the facade of its textile company available to graffiti artists, because it has always believed in the close union between fashion and art. This approach is a source of inspiration for our customers, which has always been part of our spirit and characteristics: elasticity, flexibility and constant openness to new ideas and challenges that the market offers. With these NFTs and the physical redemption of the waterproof jacket produced with its own fabrics, Olmetex sets itself the goal of making an art project tangible and fashionable.

    “We’re excited to see our near-70 year old Mill involved in a web3 project that creates a new and important way to enjoy art and fashion. We have always been future-focused with our fabric innovation, and now we are taking this mindset to a collaboration that takes fashion, art and fabric into the next decade.”


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