President Biden’s Crypto Tax Loophole Claims Get Factchecked And Disproven

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United States President Joe Biden recently sparked a debate on Twitter by sharing an infographic that called for an end to alleged “tax loopholes” benefiting wealthy cryptocurrency investors. The president’s tweet was met with skepticism from the crypto community, who questioned the accuracy of the information presented and the existence of such loopholes. CryptoMode aims to shed light on the controversy, delving into the reactions from key figures in the crypto world and exploring the potential tax loophole in question.

Biden’s Tweet on Crypto Tax Loopholes

In his tweet, President Biden claimed that closing these supposed tax loopholes would save the US government approximately $18 billion. However, he did not specify which loopholes he referred to or what reforms would be necessary to achieve the stated savings. This lack of clarity prompted responses from prominent individuals in the cryptocurrency community.

A pseudonymous crypto researcher known as FatMan was among the first to respond to President Biden’s tweet, asserting that the president’s “facts are off.” FatMan pointed out that the cryptocurrency market experienced a significant decline of $1.4 trillion in 2022, while corporate profits in the United States reached $11.8 trillion. He argued that this discrepancy illustrates that the real tax loopholes lie elsewhere.

Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus also chimed in, requesting clarification on the specific loopholes mentioned in the president’s tweet. Markus asserted that he had personally contributed more money to the government in taxes than he had made from cryptocurrency investments, all while bearing the associated risks. 

Furthermore, he emphasized that most American cryptocurrency users are not wealthy individuals but rather those struggling to make ends meet and turning to crypto as a potential solution.

The IRS Wash Sale Rule and Cryptocurrency

Without clear information from President Biden, Reddit users speculated that he might be referring to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wash sale rule not yet applied to cryptocurrencies. 

The wash sale rule prohibits investors from selling securities at a loss and repurchasing the same or substantially similar security within a 30-day window. This rule prevents investors from claiming artificial tax losses while maintaining their investment positions.

Currently, the wash sale rule does not extend to cryptocurrencies, which some may view as a tax loophole. However, it remains unclear whether this is the specific issue President Biden was referencing in his tweet or if there are other, yet unidentified, tax loopholes that he believes should be addressed.


President Biden’s recent tweet regarding an alleged tax loophole for wealthy cryptocurrency investors has ignited a heated discussion.

While the president’s tweet lacked specific details, the debate has prompted further examination of potential tax loopholes in the cryptocurrency space. 

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