Presale Stage 5 start at July 12th / SUNC raises $ 6.3 million on Stage 1 – 4 Presale

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SUNC has been taking place its presales for a few times since June 15th, 2021. Lately, 6.3 million dollars has been raised through the presales stage 1 to 4. After July 12th, unsold tokens will be available to be purchased, on presale stage 5.

・What is SUNC ?

SUNC is an original token issued by a project. It gives beneficiary rights of the revenue from the online casino to the holders, which is distributed in USDT, and functions as a governance token to decide the operation policy by the voting rights as well.

Their online casino can be played only with an original stable coin, named SUSD, that is exchanged 1:1 peg with USDT (ERC 20).

・Transparency of SUNRISE CASINO by DAO:

SUNC solves problems such as fraud cases in conventional online casinos, with blockchain technology. This Sunrine Casino by DAO has the following features.

  • Utilize the Absolute Probability Random Function (APRF), which can prove the randomness of the lottery in each game.
  • All the game contents will be recorded on private chains.
  • SUNC functions as a governance token and the operation policy in the online casino can be decided by voting.
  • 100% of the revenue from this online casino will be returned to the holders.

*Some are given back to the users.

  • Make individual NFTs per table game for the table owner and sell by auction and lottery. And 100% of the sales profit will be returned to SUNC holders.

As stated above, we aim to realize a fair new type of online casino by DAO without proprietary administrators.

Road Map


June 8th 2021, Presale Begins

  • June 8th for 24 hours $0.01 Sales Offering
  • June 15th for 24 hours $0.01 Sales Offering
  • June 22th for 24 hours $0.012 Sales Offering
  • June 30th for 24 hours $0.018 Sales Offering


*July 12th 2021

Presale Extra Begins

*August 1st 2021

SUNC/xSUNC Initial Listing on UNISWAP

SUNC staking Platform Opening

*Q1 2022

SUNRISE CASINO by DAO beta version starts.

V2 SUNC/xSUNC Staking Pools begin

*Q3 2022


*Q4 2022

INO Platform Version 1.0 OPENS

NFT MarketPlace Ver1.0 OPENS



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