Presale Meme Coin, Big Eyes (BIG) Looks Set to Overtake Algorand(ALGO) and Litecoin (LTC) with its Futuristic NFT Project


The blockchain industry welcomed many new cryptocurrency assets over the years, bringing about many changes in the value dynamics. Coins like Algorand (ALGO) and Litecoin (LTC) have greatly impacted blockchain technology with unique concepts and functionalities. 

Big Eyes (BIG) is set to continue this legacy and raise the bars higher, with its memetic coin projected to be one of the most valuable meme coins in history.

Algorand (ALGO) has had its fair share of defeat in the recent bearish market, and analysts predict the coin might be headed for gloomy days as the investor sentiments grow. However, the coin recently closed a deal with Hodlnaut – a crypto lending platform set to promote the coin and boost its market value.

While Litecoin (LTC) is not at its best lately, it has still been able to fairly restrict dips and reassures investors of surviving the crypto winter. The coin had generated millions of investors in its early days of launch and was frequently compared to Bitcoin (BTC) as a possible replacement. This has left investors puzzled as to whether new coins like Big Eyes (BIG) might be able to hold a steadier ground once it’s launched.

Big Eyes (BIG) is a new meme coin currently in its presale stage. The coin generated $1 million in its first week of presale and has now grown to $2.6 million. The coin is often compared to similar coins like Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Tamadoge (TAMA); however, no one is venturing into NFTs as projected by Big Eyes (BIG). In a recent tweet, Big Eyes (BIG) boasted of being a unique coin and was acknowledged by the Head of Growth, Carl Dawkins, as a truly unique coin.

Big Eyes, Algorand, and Litecoin, Why Are They Different From Other Coins? 

Litecoin (LTC) was launched in 2011 and has become one of the purest cryptocurrencies. The coin runs an altered version of Bitcoin’s (BTC) code and is secured with the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism like in Bitcoin. Although Litecoin (LTC) isn’t a pioneer coin, it did things differently by providing a blockchain network that validates transactions quicker with effective mining technology. 

On the other hand, Algorand (ALGO) is another blockchain network that runs on decentralised finance. (DeFi). The coin was developed to solve real-world problems using its scalable and secure computations to ensure quicker transactions and a reduced validation process. The coin has a maximum supply of 10 billion units and a circulating supply of 6 billion. 

Big Eyes (BIG) would also be doing things differently by bringing variety and uniqueness to the meme coin industry. With many coins already imitating successful meme coins like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), Big Eyes (BIG) built a cat-themed coin on a noble charity cause. 

The coin gained much traction in its first week by generating more than a million dollars. And there would be 70% of 200 billion BIG tokens in the ongoing public presale, which gives investors the chance to join early and purchase enough coins to reap many benefits once the coin is fully launched. Furthermore, unlike Litecoin (LTC) and Algorand (ALGO), Big Eyes (BIG) would be creating a community of cat lovers and admirers, which would further contribute to its success in creating NFT projects.

How to Buy Big Eyes Token in the Presale Stage

The presale stage would release a major share of the total token distribution to early investors. The coin has already generated over $2 million and is on track to gather more traction, with new members joining the community daily. 

There are more than 200 billion $Big Tokens, and 70% of this will be available during the public presale, while the rest will be preserved for exchanges (20%), marketing (5%), and charity (5%). To join the Big Eyes Ecosystem, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Visit the official Big Eyes website, bigeyes. space
  2. Click the Buy Now tab on the top right corner of the page
  3. Connect your Wallet (preferably Metamask or Trust Wallet)
  4. Click “Connect Wallet” and select a mode of payment.
  5. Claim your reward once the presale is concluded.


Big Eyes (BIG) is crushing its presale stage and has much potential as a meme coin. The coin would not only create investment opportunities for crypto enthusiasts but also allow them to trade in their NFT projects and contribute to its bid to save the ocean.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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