Predictive Indicator Foresees Bitcoin Whale Sell-Off and Massive Influx of Capital to DigiToads Presale


A predictive indicator is suggesting that Bitcoin whales may be preparing to sell off their holdings. The indicator, known as the Bitcoin Mayer Multiple, has reached a level that has historically preceded major sell-offs in the cryptocurrency market. The Bitcoin Mayer Multiple is calculated by dividing the current price of Bitcoin by its 200-day moving average. When the multiple is low, it suggests that Bitcoin is undervalued and that a rally is likely. However, when the multiple is high, it suggests that Bitcoin is overvalued and that a sell-off is likely.

On the other hand, the highly anticipated DigiToads presale has seen a massive influx of capital, with over $6.7 million invested till now. This is a significant milestone for the project, and it suggests that there is strong demand for DigiToads. The ongoing presale is a great opportunity to get involved in the project early and to secure TOADS at the current price. The presale is open until August 15th, so be sure to act fast.

Bitcoin Whales May Be Preparing to Dump Their Holdings, Says Predictive Indicator

The Bitcoin Mayer Multiple currently suggests that Bitcoin is overvalued and that a sell-off is possible. Whale activity has also been increasing in recent weeks. According to the latest data, the number of Bitcoin addresses holding more than 100 BTC has reached an all-time high. This suggests that whales are accumulating Bitcoin, which could be a sign that they are preparing to sell in the near future.

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It is important to note that the Bitcoin Mayer Multiple is just one indicator and should not be used as a standalone signal to buy or sell Bitcoin. However, the recent increase in whale activity is a cause for concern for some investors. It remains to be seen whether Bitcoin whales will indeed sell off their holdings in the near future. However, recent data suggests that it is a possibility. Investors should be prepared for a potential sell-off and should monitor the situation closely.

DigiToads Presale a Huge Success with Strong Demand from Investors

The presale is currently in stage 10, and the current price is $0.05 per token. This is a 400% increase from the initial presale price. The launch price is set at $0.055, which represents a 450% increase from the current price. The DigiToads presale ends on August 15th, 2023, and the token launch is on August 21st, 2023. There are still a limited number of TOADS is still available, so be sure to act fast if you want to secure your token.

The DigiToads project also has a strong focus on charitable giving. 2.5% of all TOADS tokens will be donated to the Amazon rainforest conservation charity, Rainforest Trust. This is a unique opportunity for investors to support a good cause while also investing in a promising NFT project.

Finally, the DigiToads project has a token burn mechanism that will help to drive up prices. Every time a DigiToad is used to play a game, a portion of the TOADS tokens used to pay for the game will be burned. This will reduce the supply of TOADS tokens, which will make them more valuable. The DigiToads presale is ongoing, and there is still time to get involved. If you are looking for a high-quality NFT project with a lot of potential, then DigiToads is definitely worth considering.


As the world of cryptocurrencies undergoes rapid shifts, a notable predictive indicator has cast a spotlight on an intriguing phenomenon. The potential Bitcoin whale sell-off and the subsequent influx of capital into DigiToads’ presale have captured the attention of investors. DigiToads is a well-rounded project with a lot of potential. It is backed by a strong team, has a clear roadmap, and is already generating a lot of excitement among investors. If you are looking for more than just a memecoin, then DigiToads is worth considering.

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