Prediction Game on the Blockchain: Parlay Gives Users a Decentralized Platform Experience Like No Other


Parlay is a blockchain based platform that allows any user to participate in a prediction game, or start his/her own one with just a couple of clicks. The company announces details of their product, a decentralized prediction game platform that eliminates “bookies”, expands on game options, and gives users a chance to earn cryptocurrencies.

11th June, 2018, London: Blockchain technology has certainly changed how the world operates. The technology has seeped into every aspect of our daily lives. Now, with Parlay, users have the option to participate on prediction games, allowing them to earn in either Parlay’s own PAR coins or BTC.

Formal and informal prediction game has always been plagued by the bookie’s fee. This is the cut taken by the person who runs the game. With Parlay, all commissions are eliminated, since the peer-to-peer technology allows users to pay and receive their spendings and earnings directly.

What Games are Available?

Within the Parlay ecosystem, there will be a number of games available, where users will be able to anticipate winners on the outcome and win the prize if their prediction is correct. In general prediction game, there is always a problem of not having the type of game to bet one. The platform solves this issue in a unique way: since there is no bookie, anyone can take the role of one to start a prediction game. This effectively means that at any given time, there will be a number of games running with newer ones being added as users please.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia: When all will Start

Parlay will be launching its first Alpha test during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia tournament. During this time, Parlay will allow registered users on to participate in prediction games to anticipate winners of the soccer matches.

The platform will demonstrate to users the advantages of purchasing ticket on this platform, allowing for a higher earning chance in comparison to placing tickets with bookies or with the local bar tender. Once the Alpha test is complete, the platform will open its doors to the general public, allowing a huge amount of games to be predicted and played on.

Purchasing tickets on Parlay

Purchasing tickets is an easy process on the Parlay platform. After a user has signed up, made their Parlay Wallet and submitted their BTC address, the user can go to the Parlay Live section. Thereafter, the user will be able to select from a list of current games in progress. The games in progress will have details such as the time left for placing tickets, winner prize distribution, the amount of tickets left to purchase, price of each ticket (in PAR) and the total winning of the game (in BTC).

After selecting the game, the user will have three options to select, such as which side will win or will it be a draw – the FIFA tournament will have multiple matches within the game. When the predictions are placed, the user will need to select the number of tickets he or she plans to acquire. The total amount in PAR will be displayed, along with the PAR address where the coins will be sent to.

After a successful placement, the user can check back when the results are announced to see if he or she is successful. Winnings will be automatically deposited in the BTC wallet address that was provided during sign up.

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