There has been a lot of debate surrounding the EOS main net launch in recent weeks and it now appears a potentially fake document is making the rounds claiming how EOS Block Producers want several double spent transactions to be reversed.

More Potential EOS Concerns

Ever since EOS received its main net launch, there have been numerous concerns regarding this project. For starters, suffering from major network issues during the first few days of launch is never a good sign. Thankfully, those issues were resolved fairly quickly, and it seems like the network is fully operational once again. However, a new document has surfaced which is currently sparking a lot of debate among EOS supporters.

One thing to keep in mind at all times is how this document may not necessarily be legitimate. There is a fair amount of FUD surrounding EOS right now, and all of the information regarding this project and its potential issues need to be taken with a grain of salt. So far, the authenticity of this document has not been established, but it has not been proven to be completely fake at the time of writing either.

What does the document contain?

In the document, it is mentioned how all EOS block producers are notified of an “emergency measure of protection order”. More specifically, various EOS transactions have been identified which are considered to be double spends. Whether or not those transactions are effectively a double spend attack against EOS remains a bit unclear at this stage. Moreover, the document informs the block producers that these transactions will need to be rolled back accordingly.

The main reason why this document is sparking so many debates across the internet is because it could potentially highlight another issue within the EOS ecosystem. If the block producers would roll back transactions, a very interesting yet troublesome precedent would be created in the process. As such, it seems highly unlikely this document is effectively genuine, but one shouldn’t dismiss the possibility until the EOS team issues an official explanation in this regard.

Final Thoughts

Assuming the document is fake, this is another example of how people are scrutinizing EOS and trying to make the project look far less legitimate than it really is. This FUD has intensified over the past week or two, and it is possible that this may not be the final attempt to discredit EOS further. 

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