PolySwarm Telegram bot Protects Crypto Enthusiasts Against Malicious Files

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Criminals often target cryptocurrency enthusiasts in many different ways. The use of Telegram plays an increasing role of importance in these developments.

To counter potential threats, the PolySwarm team has developed a new Telegram bot.

PolySwarm Protects Telegram Users

Known as PolySwarmBot, it will utilize blockchain technology in an intriguing manner.

The PolySwarm team has been working on building its blockchain-based threat detection marketplace. 

To further accommodate this particular development, the new Telegram bot is a valuable addition.

It is designed to let Telegram members and groups can any files shared within the conversation.

If these files are considered malicious in any manner, the users will be warned.

When adding the bot to a group, it will passively scan all files shared among users and safeguard the live chat.

If the bot is granted admin permissions, it will automatically delete harmful files and the associated post accordingly.

It is a very interesting addition tot he Telegram ecosystem, which continues to attract users from all over the world.

The vast majority of cryptocurrency-related discussions also occur through this messaging platform in this day and age. 

The PolySwarm team acknowledges many threats lurk in the comfort of Telegram chat groups.

While it can’t help determine the validity of a project being advertised, removing harmful files from conversations is a good place to start.

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